Your Bedroom, Your Style!


Bedrooms are usually the place in your home where you start and end your day. It's a place that you can personalise to your own aesthetics and comfort. Whether you are a romantic at heart who likes classical designs or you are experimental, pushing boundaries with your design sensibilities, we bring to you four distinct styles of bedroom that would be an extension of who you are. Pick your style and click on shop now to get the bedroom you love!

Beautiful Bedrooms On a Budget

Beautiful Bedrooms on a Budget

Redecorating a space always elicits mixed feelings, some of which include the excitement of taking on a new project and igniting your creativity coupled with the anxiety of wondering how much this project is going to cost! 

Monsoon Decor : Get the Look

Bedroom Designs
With the rains around the corner, we wanted to share a few ways that you could convert your room into a little monsoon mecca.

For the Dads Out There: A Father's Day Look


Every father needs a space to call his own. Poor dad often gets neglected when it comes to calling dibs on rooms in a home, be it a family room, den or study. 

A Discern Home Makeover - House of MISU Style!

House of MISU
Getting married, moving homes and leaving your cat. Three very difficult and distinct things that many women, and I, have come face to face with. 

Isprava Chic - Now in Your Home!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have surely heard the name Isprava, when people talk about the second home market. (Sunil Gavaskar just bought a home from them)!

Get the Look: Outhouse's Thoughtful Glamour

With Kaabia and Sasha Grewal’s Outhouse Jewellery store now open in Mumbai, we deconstruct elements of the space to show you how you can bring their bold, unapologetic aesthetic into your own homes. 

Modern-Trendy Nursery Ideas For Young Moms

When designing a nursery, it is easy to get carried away and jam in lots of cute, baby-inspired accents.

Discern Blood Orange - Our Signature Hue now in your Home!

Discern's Orange Living room
At Discern, we're design obsessed and love how colour has the power to transform and uplift even the most dreary spaces. Here, we show you how to tastefully incorporate blood orange - the Discern Living brand colour - into your homes. 

Modern Middle Eastern Living Room

Modern Middle Eastern Living Room
This is a great décor style for someone who appreciates the stylistic elements of Middle Eastern décor without being overly literal or excessive.