How to Style your Bookshelves

It’s official. We live in a digital age where everything is going electronic including, sadly, our books. 

What is Ministry of New?

Ministry of New
Ministry of New is the newest and coolest kid on the block, in case you haven’t heard.

Garment Care Tips For the Monsoon

The monsoon can be beautiful and calming but after you get over the initial excitement, one starts to realise the havoc that this much rain can cause.

The Discern Living Story

Discern Living is a curated marketplace with recommendation-based online shopping and an online interior design service that caters to the style and budget requirements of all customers. 

Monsoon Care For Your Home: Tips from Mr. Homecare

Mr. Homecare
Every year, the monsoons come and go and we are left with homes suffering from the after-effects of months of rain, humidity and poor circulation. 

Welcome To The Discern Living App


As we have written, Interior decorating and shopping for the home can be both an expensive and time-consuming process, often leaving you lost and unsure how to tell a cohesive story to your space. Enter Discern Living, an app that not only provides daily design inspiration but also helps users decorate their entire homes or offices at the click of a button.

Why Shop Online for Furniture?


How do you decorate your home?
Do you browse through magazines and Pinterest to find home designs you love, and then search all the shops and bazaars in your city to shop (and negotiate prices) for furniture that matches your inspiration? Or, like many Indians, do you show a local carpenter pictures of you want and hope that he will make an exact replica in the quality that you need? To find that perfect and high-quality piece of furniture for your home from these sources can be costly. 


Milan Design Week 2017 Highlights

​Salone Del Mobile or better known as the Milan Design Week is the most important design fair of the year. Discern’s Elite designers - Jannat Vasi, Tiziana Latorre and Kavya Shah, set out to find this year’s most stylish trends in furniture and living design.

Hobbies at Home: Decor & Yoga


Those are two words you probably don’t see together very often, yoga and interior decor! We’re starting a series where we show you easy ways to incorporate your real-life passion into your home decor style.