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Shakti Himalaya is a luxury holiday and vacation company that offers travellers destinations off the beaten path with comfort and style. The company specializes in the most remote and beautiful regions of the Himalayas where you can experience five-star luxury amidst incredible landscapes, peace and space. The company owns three properties in Kumaon, Ladakh and Sikkim where you can partake in this bespoke, high-end experiences. Each property also has a design story to tell. We spoke to Maia Sethna of Shakti about one of their properties using a design lens for Discern Living.
Shakti 360° Leti in Ladakh
Picture Credit- Shakti Himalaya 

What was the design philosophy behind Shakti 360° Leti in Ladakh?
The concept and design philosophy was to create comfort for the sophisticated traveller. For the traveller to sleep under the stars, under a canopy-like tent without compromising on peace and luxury. The structure had to seamlessly contour the land to avoid obstructing the endless vistas.

Picture Credit- Shakti Himalaya 

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Discern Tip: If you can't run off the hill bring home a loveseat to relax and rejuvenate over some coffee and books with your partner in the patio.
The aesthetics used are incredibly unique, could you share a few notable design elements of Shakti 360° Leti?
The architects and design team carefully observed the form and the structure of local buildings and referenced the simplicity of the way that they merged into the landscapes without interference. Local stone craftsmen played a big role in the building process, using their wisdom of construction and understanding of the stone. The canvas roof was essential to re-create a 'tent –like interior'. Slate roofs and floors, locally sourced, helped with the climactic variations.

Picture Credit- Shakti Himalaya 

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Discern Tip: To get this look, think of something that doesn't give a bulky feel to your home, like a bed with clean lines and exposed cross-lap joints which adds a statement piece to your bedroom without going overboard. Compliment this look with a patterned rug in subdued colours and a hint of warmth with a modern yet simple table lamp, thereby adding a little bit of charm to your home decor.
How has the environment and natural landscape impacted the design?
Essentially the only ethos of the structure was to not create permanent 
invasive structures so that the land could return to its pastoral existence if the structure had to be removed in the future. The cottages had to be integral to the land shape, the chosen frames of the window panelling were created to give the sense of visual freedom you get with camping with the luxury of warmth and solid shelter. It was pivotal that we impacted the land as little as possible. No invasive materials were used, the fauna landscaping was essential in allowing the stone to age naturally. Lastly, the knowledge of the local community was imperative for this structure to be as minimally intrusive as possible, balanced with local materials and execution of building.

Shakti 360° Leti Cottage Interior
Picture Credit- Shakti Himalaya 

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Discern Tip: If exposed wooden bed is not your thing, a bed adorned with cane rattan work on the head and foot-board works wonders to add that old world charm to your living space, making it a contemporary centerpiece in your bedroom. Add a bit of outdoor into your bedroom by layering the bed with coloured cushions inspired from the nature. Complete this look with a cross-legged side table that would make it the perfect table for a tea-party in your backyard!
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