Zodiac signs

Colour coding with your Zodiac Sign - 1

Zodiac signs

New year, new you right? Well, maybe just new home décor to start with. We love redecorating at least once a year to bring in a fresh, new energy and updating our design sensibility. When it comes to decorating one can use design magazines, Pinterest, and other online tools to gather inspiration but what about yourself? Using something as innate about you like your zodiac sign can be a great starting point for how to spruce up your home. Based on your zodiac sign, here are the colours you can use as your base for your home.

Aries - Red

A sign that is known for its high energy, passion and enthusiasm, it’s only natural that you should see red for 2018. Red is known to be quite an aggressive and energetic colour which makes it perfect for a typical Aries. Think about bringing the shade into your home décor with smaller pieces like a rug, an accent wall or a painting before going painting everything you own red!
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Taurus - Green

Taureans love nature and all the lush splendour that comes along with it. Considering how huge a trend greenery has been, you will be especially pleased with this choice. Green represents growth, luck, and prosperity and we believe that you should bring in more plants, more earthiness, and more nature into your home for 2018.
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Gemini - Peach

The Gemini is known for having two faces which is why we’ve chosen the in-between shade of peach for you this year. You hold your relationships extremely close to your heart and peach is representative of both warmth and affection. Think about redoing an entire room with pastel shades of peach and play into the monotone trend that we believe will be big in 2018!
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Cancer - Violet

The true dreamer, Cancerians can often be found in the la la land if they aren’t at their desks! Violet is a deep, emotional colour that we think works very well for someone as deep a thinker as you. Lucky for you, Pantone has heard your message and named Ultra-Violet their shade for 2018 which we’ve already shared tips on how to use.
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Leo - Orange

The mightiest sign of the zodiac, Leos are loud, proud and always radiant. You attract people and ideas to you like a magnet and that’s why we’ve chosen the effervescent shade of orange for you. Like rays of the sun, your personality explodes with every room you walk into and using this in your décor is a wise choice. Think about sunshine inspired décor like bright linens, bright flowers, and bright kitchenware.

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Virgo - Blue

Virgos are true believers in the slogan, ‘stay calm and carry on’ which is why blue works perfectly for you. Virgos have a very calming effect on those around them and we feel your home should do exactly that, for you. Think of using shades of blue, from baby blue to deep indigo in your home furnishings.
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Did we miss out on your zodiac sign or someone you know? Stay tuned for our next part which will be published shortly and will contain the remaining zodiac signs. 

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