Design Meets Desserts

Design Meets Desserts

Design Meets Desserts
At the Discern office, we're all fans of dessert - the more decadent and sinful, the better! After our last sugar binge (and with Easter around the corner!), we were left wondering if it were possible to combine two of our favourite things - sugar and design. Thanks to the ingenuity and genius of Mumbai’s baking brigade, we managed to find some beautiful desserts that seem to echo the design principles of some of our favourite décor trends. Take a look at our list!

Classic European
When we think of classic European designs, we think of villas in Tuscany, French salons and Spanish palaces. This traditional décor style is opulent and luxurious with lots of gold ornamentation, texture and colour. The delicate intricacy of the Raspberry Delice from Yauatcha reminds us of gilded sofas, detailed wall moulding and lots of rich upholstery.
Classic European

Modern Scandinavian
Scandinavian design has had such a huge influence on the way we design our homes, the way we dress and the way we live that it has even trickled down to the way we eat! Joss’ Big Bang Theory Dessert resembles an edible solar system that we can’t wait to get our hands on. The clean lines and minimal quality of 
this desserremind us of this modern décor trend.
Trendy Eclectic
What could be more fun than a bowl of pop coloured macarons? How about a room that looks like one? Think bright colours, sugary sweet neons, Roy Lichtenstein inspired artwork and funky silhouettes. The macarons at Le 15 Patisserie are arguably some of the best in the city; this saccharine-inspired room seems like a perfect match!

Classic décor involves clean lines, smooth surfaces, and subtle texture with just the right amount of luxe. This sounds exactly like The Table’s famed Warm Chocolate Tart encased in a crumbly, buttery crust that oozes chocolate as soon as you break it open.

Classic Rustic
La Folie’s signature dessert, 1000 Leaves, is a modern take on a classic
mille-feuille, historically made with 1000 layers of pastry. Delicate, crunchy and super comforting, this dessert reminds us of a classic rustic cabin where you walk in and immediately feel at home. This trend involves big, sturdy furniture, lots of carpets and rugs, a fireplace and of course a hot toddy.

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Devika Pathak is a Mumbai-based freelance writer who enjoys the cinema, yoga and chocolate chip cookies. She's secretly a Panda, too. To learn more about her and her work, please visit


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