Guidelines To Design Your Kitchen

Guidelines To Design Your Kitchen


Our kitchens sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve. They are usually our most frequented rooms in the house and hold the keys to our hearts. Kitchens have been updated quite a lot in recent years and moved away from the idea that only staff should spend time in the kitchen. Kitchens are now spaces for the whole family to enjoy and cook in which means they need to be comfortable, easy to work in and multi-purpose. If you’re considering remodelling your kitchen, it’s important to understand the basics before you make any decisions. Our expert designers are pros at this kind of stuff but we wanted to share it with you so you are able to make some informed decisions when planning to design a kitchen.

The first thing to consider is what kind of layout you would like. This is limited by the existing space but there are a few common layouts.

One Wall
This is the most efficient and effective layout because it works just as well for an open plan home as it does for a studio apartment. The kitchen usually faces one wall with all your appliances and is then separated from the rest of the home with an island or table. This lean layout is great for smaller spaces where you want to be able to interact with the rest of the family while you cook. It’s also a good idea for when you want to integrate your dining area into your kitchen.


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Two Walls
This is the most common layout where you have two walls facing each other which make up the kitchen. One wall will usually have your stove, sink, and countertops while the other is for appliances and cabinets. This is the most logical layout as it reduces traffic though is most efficient when only one person is cooking. With more than one, you may find yourself stepping on each other’s toes.



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This is exactly what it sounds like, you have a kitchen across three attached walls with great empty 
space in the centre. This is what most dream kitchens look like. Here you are blessed with lots of counter space and an area for seating. You can consider adding an island or dining table to the centre of the horseshoe.


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Trying to find the right materials for your kitchen is incredibly important. Here are your best bets.

Wood is a very common solution for kitchen spaces because it’s non-toxic, renewable, and easily available. Cleaning polished wood is easy enough and it also looks quite chic. The benefits here are that you 
have a world of colours and grains to choose from and can adapt your wood to both traditional and modern designs. The cons of using wood arise mainly from increased humidity where you may find your wood warping.


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In Mumbai, we face lots of humidity which is why laminates have become a very popular option. Here, thin sheets of plastic, resin or paper are stuck together to create a durable, tough surface. You can find laminates in all kinds of designs and patterns and this can be quite an affordable option. Your only issue here is during installation, if not done correctly, you may find the edges of your laminate start to peel.



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Stainless Steel
Stainless steel has become the most stylish option for kitchens these days though it comes with a hefty price tag. Steel is incredibly durable and boasts a very modern, hi-tech look. Being stain-resistant and easy to wash down, steel is a great choice for when you want something trendy yet functional. Your only limitations with steel will lie 
in the choice of colours, as you only have one!


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Choosing the right colours for your kitchen is very important as it has a direct correlation with your mood and personality. 

Au Naturel
Using natural shades in your kitchen offers you lots of space to play around. You can use different shades of wooden veneers, oak panels, and marble countertops to add a touch of minimal and Scandinavian cool to your kitchen. Infuse the space with an edge using metal stools and urban, pendant lights.



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Statement Colours
Kitchens are one place that you can really 
go wild with colours. Using one bright shade on all your cabinets is an easy way to make a style statement without affecting functionality. As long as the rest of your appliances are within the same colour family, you will find that this urban trendy theme suits your kitchen just fine.


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Rustic, earthy hues make complete sense for a kitchen. Think of brick tiles, wooden counters and stone accents. Pairing these warm and rich shades together will add a sense of luxury and nostalgia to your kitchen which is a great change from the usual contemporary designs. 


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