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Introduction to Home Automation

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We all know that technology plays a huge part in our daily lives – our smartphones, tablets and laptops sometimes seem like an extension of our own bodies. While we’re all for a digital detox from time to time, what we’re excited about at Discern these days is the concept of bringing smart technology into our homes. Here’s how!

At first glance Home Automation may seem like a complicated mixture of gadgets that promise amazing solutions but cause excess confusion in your already-busy life. It’s already challenging keeping up with all the latest apps and devices that promise to make your life simpler; we won’t blame you if you feel that home automation will just add another to-do on your already overflowing list of items you HAVE to learn this year!
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But listen up! With our introduction to home automation, we hope to help you overcome this initial fear. When installed properly, automating your home will provide you with a state-of-the-art, simple, and reliable solution, customised to make life easier and faster. In fact, it will be anything but complicated.

An automated home is not just about turning lights on from your phone or tablet, watching security cameras while you are away from home, or controlling your audio/video equipment from one device or remote control. When these solutions are combined together, home automation can lead to so much more.

Consider having your thermostat automatically adjust itself when it knows YOU are in the room. Imagine your refrigerator starts making more ice when you initiate the "Party" setting on your automation system because it knows more guests are expected soon. Tired of putting the blinds down when it’s too sunny outside? Don’t worry, your automation system can be programmed to lower your blinds every day when it senses too much sunlight and raise them again when it starts becoming too dark inside. Now we know you may be thinking, “Oh my gosh my house is going to take over!.” Don’t worry - you are definitely not the first to have this reaction! The good news is that home automation systems have manual override options for everything they automate. Simply put, you can either use your automation to control everything or use manual remotes and switches as you normally would. This really helps if you have elderly people or staff at home who aren’t able to adjust well to new technologies.

Envision your home 
totally customised to your everyday needs, operating on your schedule, knowing when to work for you exactly when you need it to. You get the ability to combine your lighting, security, audio/video, window shadings, A/C controls and much more into one customised solution. We know these new technologies always seem to be heavy on your wallet, and there can be a variety of different companies to choose from. Our suggestion would be to find an experience centre where you can take a test drive of the latest in automation technology. See what parts of home automation cater to your needs and ask questions about how they can be best integrated into your residence. Try and choose a company which has the ability to let you expand your system as your needs grow. That allows you to keep the budget under control by starting with the necessities, and later adding on even more exciting features!

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