Monsoon Must-Haves


The monsoon may not seem like the ideal time to buy furniture or home décor products but we disagree! The monsoon can last up to three months, which is a long time in home décor terms. During this time, we thought it might be nice to do up your home in shades of monsoon magic, to ease melancholia and make your home feel bright and vibrant. Each product has been handpicked by our expert design team so that you can have a monsoon-ready home, in style.
Flora Print from Merchants of Cool
Merchants of Cool’s goal is democratising photography to the point that every person can own a piece of incredible art. The photography on their site is beautiful, often poignant and comes in a variety of styles and designs. We loved this print by Jatin Kampani called Flora because it evokes that bluesy monsoon feeling while still looking incredibly delicate and artistic. This painting can find a new home in your bedroom or living room so you can imagine the rustling of the leaves while you watch the rain pour down.

Flora Print from Merchants of Cool

Tranquil Garden cushion cover by Gulmohar Lane
Imaging walking through a lush forest filled with colourful birds and dense flora and fauna. You look up and the sky is bright blue, while the sun throws down a filigree of light to dapple your path. This is exactly how we feel when we look at these cushion covers from Gulmohar Lane. The delicately painted picture represents the majesty of nature and the predominant shades of blue, pink, lavender and green work beautifully together. 
Tranquil Garden cushion cover by Gulmohar Lane
Bombay Leather TV Unit from Gulmohar Lane
This TV unit captures the nostalgia of yesteryear while proving to be a very functional and handy piece of furniture. 
Made of a leather-clad top on a solid wooden frame, this unit shows variations of design with the chevron detailing on the leather, the brass brackets and naturally grained wood. Perfect for you family room, this piece is heavy and durable while still retaining a sense of elegance and sophistication.
Bombay Leather TV Unit from Gulmohar Lane
Hans Wegner Replica Circle Chair from
Hans Wegner designed over 500 chairs, many of which are so widely reproduced that you may have sat on one of his replicas without even knowing it. A stalwart in mid-century design, Wegner's Circle Chair is one of our favourites. Although the price tag is hefty, this is one of those investment pieces that you keep for a lifetime, monsoon or not. We envision using this chair in a living room with full length windows or a covered balcony where you can curl up with a good book, cup of tea and the sound of the rain.

Hans Wegner Replica Circle Chair from Defurn
Maldivian Whisper Coffee Table from Rain & Peacock
The thing about the monsoon is that it makes one feel wistful and sombre at times - such is the power of the rain! We loved this coffee table for its unique detailing, one-of-a-kind design, and also for the feeling it evokes. One of a tropical island where the air is balmy and our toes are sandy. Not a bad picture when all you’ve got ahead of you is another two months of rain!

Maldivian Whisper Coffee Table from Rain & Peacock
The Mind Is A Desert print by Kulture Shop
Kulture Shop is all about making art and design, fun and quirky. We loved this piece by Aditi Dilip with a print that we interpret as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the monsoon. The colours will also provide a vibrant addition to any room. During the monsoon, things can get gloomy, so decorating with bright colours can really help lift the mood.

The Mind Is A Desert print by Kulture Shop

We hope you like our monsoon edit as much as we do! Stay dry - and stylish! - this monsoon season!

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Devika Pathak is a Mumbai-based freelance writer who enjoys the cinema, yoga and chocolate chip cookies. She's secretly a Panda, too. To learn more about her and her work, please visit
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