Our Favourite 5 Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

Our Favourite 5 Instagram Accounts You Must Follow


Instagram is every designer and decorator’s favourite source of inspiration. Social media has helped people share their visual language, design style and aesthetic sensibility while letting those not from the design world, understand the space better. There is so much content out there about décor and interiors that we are often overwhelmed at how much great design is in the world. We spend hours flicking through Instagram (it’s all for work, we promise!) to share some of the accounts that we regularly turn to for inspiration.

Paloma Contreras @palomacontrerasdesign
Sitting at almost 100k followers, Paloma Contreras is an interior designer who has been featured in some of the world’s top design magazines and sites. What we love about her Instagram account is how real it looks. You’ll have pictures of her puppy Tate, fashion she loves, homes she has decorated and things that inspire her. It seems like almost none of her pictures have been professionally shot which offers a little respite from every other picture-perfect account.


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Picture Source

Residence Mag - @residencemag
A Swedish design magazine, Residence Mag is great at capturing Scandinavian design treated through a contemporary lens. Though the text is all in Swedish, the images they use are so relevant and eye-catching that we don’t mind 
not knowing what they’re saying! That hasn't stopped us from buying copies of the magazine to use for décor-inspo.

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Picture Source

Alyse Rodriguez - @alysestudios
Alyse Rodriguez gives us the perfect amount of yang to Residence Mag’s yin. Her account is full of 
colour, texture, and life. An artist and designer, she creates beautiful woven textiles that she accompanies with wonderful words of inspiration. All her posts have a sense of tropical sunshine to them and offer us great ways to start thinking about colour in unique ways.


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Picture Source

Condé Nast Traveller India - @cntravellerindia
An obvious choice, Condé Nast Traveller India is one of our favourite monthly magazines, but their Instagram account has so much beautiful imagery that we find ourselves tempted to
regram everything they post. Whether it's India Gate at sunrise or a stunning Rajasthani palace, we love their focus on Indian heritage, culture, and design which is hard to find anywhere else.

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Picture Source

PaperMint Paris - @papermint_paris
The world is rediscovering wallpaper and loving it, thanks to PaperMint. A French wallpaper company, their designs are contemporary, playful and very versatile. From the much sought-after tropical leaves and greenery to adhesive panels that you can place anywhere in your home, we haven’t seen this much variety in wallpaper ever.

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Picture Source

Whether your favourite Instagram accounts are from the world of design, travel, fashion or food; we want to hear from you. Do write to us at interiors@discernliving.com

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