Studio NaCL - Rose Gold for the home

Rose Gold For Your Home

Studio NaCL - Rose Gold for the home
Metallic shades are one of those evergreen trends when it comes to fashion. If it’s galactic silver this season, it’s most likely vintage gold the next. Bringing metallic colours into the home is a great way to introduce sparkle and shimmer while maintaining a sophisticated decorating style. There are so many metallic colours it’s hard to pick a favourite; are you more copper, gold or silver? Well, here’s some good news for those who simply can’t make up their minds- rose gold. Gold with a pinkish hue that looks like the lovechild of copper, silver and gold and adds oodles of style to any room. Here are some fun ways to play with rose gold accents in the house with handy, expert tips from Interior Designer Natasha Aggarwal who is founder of Studio NaCL.

Aggarwal says that “rose gold still counts as a neutral but provides the perfect amount of bling and warmth. You can choose how little or how much you want to use though I recommended sprinkling little bits of rose gold everywhere to elevate your entire home.” If you’re a big fan of the hue, how about some rose gold inspired wallpaper that adds class and elegance? Perfectly girly without being too bright, you can use this look for a bedroom or even bathroom.

Rose gold accents are a lovely way to spotlight your favourite objects. Rose gold cutlery and crockery is a welcome change from your everyday silver, while this industrial candle stand manages to be classy and edgy at the same time. 

Industrial Candle Stand
Industrial Candle Stand
Lamps and lighting are a great way to introduce metallics into your home, opt for hanging lights in your preferred tone of rose or pick up some table lamps to add a pop of shine to any side table,” suggests Aggarwal. Many of us are used to buying metallic lamp shades and fixtures, however, using rose gold truly changes up the entire look of the room.

round reflective hanging light
Round Reflective Hanging Light - Shop Now

Rose Gold Lamp

House of Things - Candle Holder
Tulip Table Candle Holder from The House of Things
Whatever your preference, rose gold is made for more than just jewellery. Make this your new pick and choose funky metallics that will give any room in your home a modern-day makeover!

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