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Since she was a child, Bani Chawla always knew that she loved design, even before she understood what the word meant. “Interior design and decoration have always been a very important part of my life," she says. "I grew up around my parents designing and making furniture, using casual references from design bibles like Architectural Digest, The World of Interiors and Inside Outside, which unconsciously gave me the platform I needed.” As she got older, Bani channelled the learnings she had received from her father, who had been designing and exporting high-end, handmade tea-ware for many years. It was his expertise and experience that gave her the impetus to start her own brand, Homeight, in 2011.
Bani Chawla 
Bani Chawla
Homeight tea set
Homeight endeavours to bring a touch of the fancy to your home, with Bani’s whimsical designs and feminine patterns. She uses muted, subdued pastels and embellishments which add a little bit of glamour to your every day. The products at are thoughtfully designed and range from tableware and accents to cushion covers and textiles. “We’re inspired by nature and global cultures. Everything we sell is handmade and we work very closely with artisans to develop our products,” says Bani.
Homeight karigars
Hand-made cushion covers

Homeight sofas 
Bring Home the Look: Peony Hysteria Cushion - Powder Blue ₹1,850

Homeight sofas 
Bring Home the Look: Papayadisco Cushion ₹ 1,250

Homeight sofas
Bring Home the Look: Cosmic Cushion Deep Lavender ₹ 1,650

 Homeight sofas
Having started her career at the women’s magazine Cosmopolitan as a photographer and photo editor, the attention to detail and glamorous aesthetic that Bani honed while at the publication has come in handy in her current role. Homeight believes in providing customers with beautiful designs at affordable prices, a gap in the market that Bani was keen to fulfill. With more and more people becoming interested in home décor and international styles becoming popular at home, Bani has seen a huge shift in terms of interest from fashion to décor. This makes sense to Bani as she believes that décor is as much as extension of one’s sense of style as fashion is.
Homeight tea set       Homeight

“Our designs are a combination of global cultural influences and Indian artistry. I would say my design styles take inspiration from the east and west and are classic, contemporary, eclectic and pop,” Bani says when asked about her sense of design.
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