Discern Looks

What Are Discern Looks?

Discern Looks
It is a rare shopper who knows exactly what they want, especially for the home — a space that is usually inhabited by several individuals, with differing views. It is not easy to merge decor style preferences for him/her, and other members of the family living together. If you prefer the Modern style of decor, while your significant other loves Classic, finding a common ground and bridging these styles can be tough. Choosing furniture and decor pieces that fit your individual styles, and yet form a part of a cohesive whole, can be tougher. 

How do we simplify the process? We help you define a unique decor style for your home with both ready- and custom-made Looks.

The Discern Design Studio, led by Discern's Design Director Shonali Mahajan creates interior design looks that closely follow our Discern Style Guide. Our four main categories of decor styles are Classic, Ethnic, Modern and Trendy. Our interior designers also create Looks inspired by decor 
trends such as Dessert-Coloured Looks in Pantone Shades of 2016, or a Shibori-Style Look, for example.
The Discern Design Studio carefully creates these Looks to inspire you to live beautifully, and enable you to visualise a space in a house (living room, bedroom, dining room) based on a specific design style, or in a combination of styles. Each designer Look is created using mood boards that feature 'real' furniture and decor pieces, all available on our platform. Our featured Looks demonstrate how a full set of products, from furniture to decor pieces, can fit together to create a perfectly cohesive space. 

The products for every single Look are curated by our team of interior designers from quality vendors across India, to fit the design style of the chosen spaces.  If you are keen to replicate an entire Look or even a part of it, it is possible for you to easily shop for the products shown in the Look. Our interior designers creates Looks efficiently and at scale, and ensure delivery of ordered Looks, at a fraction of the cost and time taken traditionally. 

How it helps you: The Discern Design Studio helps you build or transform the interiors of your home. With the help of cutting-edge technology — realistic and immersive virtual design experiences — we help you visualise, design and decorate your home in a style and budget that suits you. The best part of our Looks Service is: you can buy our hand-picked products and decor on our platform itself. Shopping for furniture and home decor couldn’t be simpler, and a designer home can be yours in no time, without you having to hire a battalion of professionals!

How it helps design professionals: If you are an interior designer, you no longer need to spend time sourcing products for your interior design projects. You can find them all on our platform.

In one of our recent Looks projects, we experimented with the Classic Colonial style. See how this style has been beautifully brought to life in this dining room, complete with antique colonial furniture.
If you're a fan of all things Indian, this Ethnic Indian Bedroom is the right pick for you. In this Look, we have infused the space with an Ethnic vibe, using colour, accessories and accents.
We loved playing with colours, fabrics and furniture styles to create this dynamic and aesthetically appealing Trendy Eclectic living room. 
Additionally, the Discern Design Studio can also create Custom Looks, tailored to your exact floor plans and spaces, wherein we work to transform the look of your space, or build one from scratch.

With our Custom Looks service, we helped Vinati and Pierre Labail, a newly married couple, transform their one-and-a-half bedroom rental in Worli into a space that perfectly reflects their individual style and unique aesthetic. The transformation resulted in a beautifully charming home that is a daily inspiration for the young couple while still being practically suited to their needs. 

Take a look at some of our recent Looks. If you would like us to create a custom-made Look for your home, get in touch with us at interiors@discernliving.com