Ministry of New

What is Ministry of New?

Ministry of New
Ministry of New is the newest and coolest kid on the block, in case you haven’t heard. This international style co-working space not only offers you workspaces and boardrooms but also has high-speed wi-fi, free tea and coffee, multi-functional printers, shower facilities, mailboxes and more! Located in the heart of South Bombay in Kitab Mahal just a few minutes away from CST Station, Ministry of New is an 8,000 square foot co-working space with a difference. From the moment you step in, you will immediately be transported to a completely different world; one where there is abundant natural light, clutter-free design, silence and lots of coffee! People who come to work here range from creative freelancers to lawyers and entrepreneurs. The idea is to give people a collaborative, contemporary co-working space where they can not only spend time building and growing their own businesses but also use Ministry of New to network and connect with new clients and ideas.

Ministry of New has six common areas and three meeting rooms. The common spaces are our favourite because each one is well-designed and tasteful while still having its own personality and charm. The Courtyard is the area you first encounter when you enter and is an indoor-outdoor space, surrounding an open courtyard complete with lots of natural light and greenery. There are bar stools and café style seating here for informal chats, phone calls or just a quick break. The Gallery is on your right and is the largest and most ‘work-ish’ space, spread out over 2,200 square feet. The open plan space has tables and chairs of different styles and sizes and is full of lamps, books, carpets and beautifully designed furniture. Large, custom-made wooden communal tables are functional, eclectic pieces which complement the works of various artists seen on the walls, such as Gunjan Gupta, Chatterjee & Lal and Lekha Washington.
The Courtyard Area

The Gallery Area

Our next favourite space, The Library, is connected to Café Monday, a place where Mondays seem a lot less blue. The Library features bright, ikat upholstered sofas, antique rugs from Jaipur Rugs, Crow Chairs from Bombay Atelier and a vintage chandelier from Chor Bazaar. The room is grounded on one side by a large, ladder-like bookshelf which scales the high ceilings while a wooden swing in the centre of the room, offers the perfect respite after a hard day’s work. Café Monday is operated by the beloved Café Zoe and serves up salads, sandwiches, hot meals and fresh coffee. Deborah di Fiori (of Modest Genius Design) hand-painted the mural backdrop of this cosy café.

The Library Area

Ministry of New has an international feel while respecting the heritage of Mumbai. Being a heritage site, co-founders Marlies Bloemendaal and Natascha Chadha were keen to preserve the building’s natural beauty and found unique ways to do this. For example, all the original doors and shutters were preserved and used, as were the columns and internal windows. The reception desk made of pages and book light installations are odes to the “Book Palace” that Kitab Mahal once was.
Founders of Ministry of New
Ministry of New
192 Kitab Mahal, 3rd Floor
Dadabhai Naoroji Road, Azad Maidan
Mumbai - 400001 

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