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Here at Discern Living, we are always excited and eager to share the best tips to our readers; whether it's home decor, DIY tips or the latest trends in the world of design. For women's day, we've come up with 5 bedroom essentials for a single woman that would make their life more cheerful and lively. 

Double Mirrors, Definitely!
Investing in mirrors will always be a smart decision as it helps you beautify yourself every day and works as a lifesaver. It doesn't take up much space and the reflection actually makes your room look bigger.

distressed finish wooden mirror

Distressed Finish Wooden Mirror - Shop Now

crackle wall mirror

Crackle Wall Mirror - Shop Now

The Right Storage is Essential
The right containers make a world of a difference when it comes to creating a beautiful and organized room. Think of a desk organizer or a book container next to your bed. This eliminates mess and clutter while adding neatness and personality to your bedroom.


Small Bidri Jewellery Box

Small Bidri Jewellery Box - Shop Now

And Book Shelf - Natural

And Book Shelf - Natural - Shop Now

Comfortable and Stylish Rugs
Every woman likes to take her shoes off and walk around her room. Bring home a glamorous floor accessory that you can sink your toes into after a long day.

Traverse Wool Rugs 5X8 - Velvet Red And Ivory

Traverse Wool Rugs 5X8 - Velvet Red And Ivory - Shop Now

Hand Woven Blue Natural Ivana Carpet

Hand Woven Blue Natural Ivana Carpet - Shop Now

A Versatile Side Table
Invest in a modern day side table that doubles up as a storage solution. You can use it to store your alarm clocks, small lamps, books and other essentials in one place. It’s a wonderful piece that holds everything while looking stylish and making your room more spacious.

Teak Wood - Night Stand

Teak Wood - Night Stand - Shop Now


Madisson Side Table - Shop Now

The Right Bed Pillows
This is probably the most important. Your bed should be a total oasis. Make sure you have
 enough pillows in colors or textures that make you happy while ensuring comfort. Indulge in a full body pillow to lie with when you’re working or reading in bed. It's important for your body to have the correct support and comfort, so pay good attention to the cushion situation.

Traditional-Ethnic Gold Printed Navy Blue Cushion Covers

Traditional-Ethnic Gold Printed Navy Blue Cushion Covers - Shop Now

Cotton Woven Saib Cushion Cover

Cotton Woven Saib Cushion Cover - Shop Now

Do you think that we've missed any essential points? Do write to us at interiors@discernliving.com

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