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However big or small your home may be, having a dedicated dining area is key to creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Encouraging the idea of sitting down to a meal, be it a simple weeknight dinner or a larger party with guests, is a great way to unplug from the rush of the day and really connect with people. A dining table and the area around it also provides you the chance to show off your signature style or play with new decor ideas that pop into your head.

Start at the Center
A decorative centerpiece, however, big or small, will immediately elevate the look of your table and provide a focal point. You can place a small vase of fresh flowers on the table, or go more elaborate with lots of candles, which will also provide a lovely, warm glow. Adding natural elements such as berries, pine cones or leaves will be an interesting and unique touch.

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Choose a Theme
It’s important to choose a colour theme when decorating your table and the area around it. Get your inspiration from what already exists in your dining area and work from there. It’s always wise to create a dining area in neutral shades and then play around with items like table mats, napkins, and runners that can be more easily and inexpensively replaced. White walls are a no-brainer; from there, you can choose curtains in a sheer material (so that they don’t overwhelm the room) or heavier curtains in a beige, champagne, or other neutral tones. Dining chairs are another important point of focus. Either choose plain wood chairs, and switch up the seat fabric from time to time, or choose colourful chairs in Lucite or painted wood. The latter will be more difficult to maintain, but will certainly make the desired impact! Feel free to experiment with coloured tablecloths and even dinnerware (crockery, cutlery, and glassware) in different hues that can liven up your tabletop and keep the look constantly evolving.


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Keep it Interesting
However small your dining space – hey, not all of us have the luxury of creating a fully separate dining room, so keep it interesting for yourself and your guests with personal touches. A wall of framed photos will make you smile and will pique guest interest when they visit. Keeping the wall updated is a lovely way to encourage your family and your friends to linger in the dining area a little longer.

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Complement The Area With Rugs
Adding rugs is a great way to quickly add extra prettiness and impress your guests. When an individual adorns a space with a rug, not only does it beautify the floor they choose for it but it often brings with it a cultural heritage and a legacy that generations can carry forward with pride. 

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Get Musical
Meals always taste better when music is involved. Have a small portable speaker in your dining space and allow guests or family members to take turns controlling the playlist. Fun tip: invest in a deliberately funky-looking speaker – it could be extremely retro or vintage-inspired – it will act like a decorative piece all on its own.




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Light Up
Always, always have good lights as they're great dining room decor ideas, and enhance your dining area decoration Cool lighting hung strategically over the dining table will create a flattering glow and will also add to the overall dining room decoration, if hung low enough. Edison (or exposed) bulbs that don’t hurt the eye are all the rage right now. They look industrial but feel chic – a perfect combination for anyone trying to make a style statement.

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