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At Discern, our team has created a dining room as part of an extended living room in an urban Indian apartment. These Asian influences are inspired by the Ming dynasty and from Indonesia. The flourishing dynasties of the Far East (Ming, Qing), saw traditional furniture being crafted. Design forms native to the Far-Eastern countries of Japan, Indonesia, Korea, China also help define Asian furniture. To achieve these harmonious and well-balanced interiors look, read on to learn which products and what colour palettes to use. 

Inspired by a beautiful red lacquered cabinet that we came across during one of our store crawls, we decided to style a modern contemporary dining room with artefacts and furniture bearing Asian influences. Our focal point here is the red lacquered cabinet which has detailed oriental hardware inspired by the Ming dynasty. They are visually balanced with the clean lines of a dining table and chair set finished in espresso walnut and upholstered in warm burnt fabric. The dining chairs and table are placed atop an Ikat Kilim. The hand painted wall art of the tranquil Buddha adds serenity and calm to the room.The neutral sand walls provide a warm all-encompassing hold on the definitive espresso furniture, walls, and aqua accents. This look is ideal for those looking to incorporate iconic Asian influences in a format that doesn’t get too overpowering or literal. The acrylic-on-canvas art is available to buy on Fizdi.com.

Source House Of Things Price 78500.jpg
Ming Style Chinese Sideboard 
Source Fizdi.jpg

Hand-painted Buddha painting 

8 An Asian Dining Room LOOKS Colour Palette for Asian Dining Room Horizontal Final.jpg
L-R: Linen, Black Raven, Aquamarine, Custard Yellow.
Colour Palette: Bold tones offset by earthy browns - Aquamarine and Custard Yellow team well with Black Raven and Linen.


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