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When we think 'modern design,' it's easy to often imagine minimal, stark spaces, as this is what a lot of modern spaces do indeed look like. The Discern Design team has used a stark space as a starting point for this black and white living room, and then incorporated trendy, glamorous elements that go towards making the room more interesting. You will notice that the colour palette in unconventionally moody, something people don’t often apply to a living room. The use of Pantone shades like Titanium, Midnight Black and Golden Retriever add a sense of luxury and glamour to the room without making it gaudy. The room has smooth textures and glossy surfaces that speak to modern décor and style.
This living room is well-suited to a couple in their 30's who live in a trendy neighbourhood and love to entertain. Looking almost as sleek as a hotel room, this living room is clean, functional and very modern. By pulling the snow white paint down only 12 inches from the ceiling, the designers have ensured that one's eye is first drawn to the dark walls and the pops of colour provided by the accents sitting in the white bookshelf. A large grilled window provides abundant natural light while the heavy curtains offer a sense of privacy and exclusivity.
Trendy design is often linked to bold and bright patterns and we have incorporated this idea by using a Charcoal Ivory hand tufted carpet which is both eye-catching and minimalistic.
Charcoal Ivory Floral Hand Tufted Carpet - Shop Now 

The print complements the chevron design of the hardwood floors and acts as a perfect foil to the Pentagon Granite Table from Vilaasita, which makes a bold style statement of its own.

Pentagon Granite Table
Pentagon Granite Table - Shop Now

The Colton Sofa, also from Vilaasita, is a sophisticated yet casual piece, which speaks to comfort and luxury simultaneously. Its classic silhouette with clean lines represents the modern theme that runs through the room.

Colton Sofa
Colton Sofa - Black - Shop Now

This room has been designed to be both glamorous and modern, where glamour does not mean bling, but instead shows through via a modicum of shine and sparkle. Smooth surfaces, and the introduction of gold accents, are easy ways to keep your room minimal while still creating spaces of interest. The layout is simple and easy to manoeuvre, creating a space where chairs can be added or removed to provide additional seating, and lots of storage space for different kinds of decorative items has been made. The room manages to be moody and bright all at once, which is important in a multi-purpose room like this. 

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Colton Sofa - Black - Four Seater

by Vilaasita

Pentagon Granite Table

by Vilaasita

Marion Coffee Table

by Home Glamour


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