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At Discern Living, we love going to the movies - the feeling of sitting in the cinema with a big tub of popcorn is incomparable so we decided to combine it with our other favourite thing - design. We brainstormed some of the best interiors in Hollywood cinema and created looks that you can now bring home.

First up is the Ethnic look represented by the visually enchanting film The Darjeeling Limited from unparalleled Director, Wes Anderson.
Set on the railway tracks and trails of Rajasthan, its fantastical set designs embrace the Ethnic aesthetic. The film is filled with South Asian design influences in its sets - both geographically and structurally speaking.

The Ethnic style is perfect for Indian homes with its dark wood furniture and floors, bright lighting and colorful tapestries. The image below exemplifies this - the three protagonists against a stunning tapestry. Use a wallpaper with these colours and designs in your home for a decadent and luxurious decor mood.

The Darjeeling Limited  The Darjeeling Limited
Thematically speaking, this movie is about travel - the protagonists' luggage, therefore, contributes significantly to the overall design. Leather bound valises, as shown in the image below, can be stacked in the corner of a room as a fun design element.
Bright accents on muted backgrounds provide the perfect combination of subtle and chic - a contemporary look for any living space. Let's look at The Devil Wears Prada or a closer look into this aesthetic. The Devil herself, Miranda Priestly, has an office that we are lusting over - it is one of the most beautiful on-screen sets created. Sleek lines, eclectic accents and 
impeccable design make this space covetable from every angle. The steel  desk is a re-purposed dining table. Using a statement piece of this kind in a study, office or den can add an aura of refinement to the space. Mirrors, as seen below, are a great way to add a sense of depth to a small room. The minimalist photo frames add a personal touch; a simple way to include your personality into a more serious ambiance.


Devil Wears Prada 
Modeled after Anna Wintour’s office, the room has large windows and muted hues which add lightness (something that might be needed to offset Miranda’s psychotic whims). Simple flower vases are an easy and inexpensive way to create mood. Discern loves bright Gerberas Daisies or White Lilies to give any room a sunny facelift.
Devil Wears Prada     Devil Wears Prada
When Baz Luhrmann released his masterpiece cinematic creation, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, there was a slew of Great Gatsby themed parties and soirees on every corner of the globe. The
uber-luxe art deco grandeur of the sets is reminiscent of the roaring 20s with a variety of contemporary touches that make the spaces even more stunning. Brimming with gold-filigreed ceilings, Swarovski encrusted everything and dramatic, flowing staircases; the movie seems to present everything that is out of reach. Fear not.

This is an image of 

Baz Luhrmann's Gatsby styled home. You can achieve this mood by checking out art deco inspired rugs, which have the ability to turn your floor into a work of art. Armoires and side tables, as seen here,  will add a touch of the 20s to your bedroom.

Great Gatsby
Rich silks and satins add luxury and sensuality to any space, look at couches or armchairs in the image below, to give your room the glam it needs. Small pieces like candle stands and crystal tumblers will instantly convert dull to dramatic.
Great Gatsby
One of the most loved movies of the century starring one of the most stylish leading ladies of all time, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the epitome of understated elegance. Classic lines paired with opulent accents make Holly Golightly’s Upper East Side brownstone one of the most timeless and sought after looks. Between throwing wild cocktail parties and using half a bathtub as a sofa, Holly definitely does not have time to make her house a home. However, what we do have are some great tips on how to amp up a blasé space. Holly re-purposes crates as coffee tables for a simple but classic feel. Dress up your monochrome sofa or bed with a colourful throw or animal print rug to add personality.
You cannot channel Breakfast at Tiffany’s without some diamonds. Okay, maybe not real diamonds but how about some jewel encrusted lamps and chandeliers to give your space the appeal it always desired.

And let’s not forget cocktail hour! Champagne glasses like this are a must-have for any entertainer.


Holly’s bedroom is minimal with crisp white sheets and a wrought iron bed frame. Wrought iron is a durable and classic option for bed frames and you can find great deals. If only we looked as good napping as Holly, perhaps sheets like this will do the trick.

So whether you’re Anna Wintour in disguise or dreaming of the Orient Express, we’ve got you covered. With styles and tips to turn any home into an Oscar-winning set, we've got you covered!


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