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We’re not sure where it came from but it insists on staying. Millennial pink has to be the hottest shade of the moment and continues to be splashed across fashion runways and décor pages. Millennial pink is everything that is cool and current and it’s hard to avoid the fact that it’s a really delicious colour, bringing up images of bubble gum pink but grown up. Millennial pink has the unique ability to work as both an accent and as a neutral colour depending on the level of beige you find in it. This dusky rose has warm undertones and is a great way to add heat to your décor, complementing those cool blues and greys. If you’re as much of a fan of the playful shade as we are then we’re sure you’re finding ways to incorporate it into your home. Here are our top tips.

Layer it on
The Restaurant Sketch,
in London, has become the most famous supporter of millennial pink with its India Mahdavi designed ‘Pink Room’ becoming one of the most Instagrammed rooms in the world. There is no hiding in this room, it is millennial pink in all its glory. However, what Mahdavi has done so cleverly is layer on the pink using other materials like the multi-coloured marble chevron tiling, the monochrome artwork by David Shrigley, the copper accents, and light wooden touches. By layering pink on top of other materials, you get a less saturated though equally effective version of this pink room.



Explore the spectrum
Millennial pink can essentially cover anything from a very pink blush to a rose gold to even a copper. Using these different shades, you can create a space that reflects pink but in varying gradients. There are certain pinks that border on the shades of beige and mushroom so using those as your base, layer on furniture in a lighter pink while using the boldest shade you want for your accents and soft furnishings. This way you evoke millennial pink across a wide, less jarring spectrum of colours.



Accent furniture
Along with millennial pink has come the soft-edged rounded accent chair. There is something incredibly retro about this pairing which is what we think has really worked for both the silhouette and the shade. Using pink in modern ways can often look tacky but infusing something incredibly vintage with this contemporary shade is a fun way of applying millennial pink to your home décor. We suggest a large, 60s inspired velvet sofa or maybe an ottoman and footstool for your living room.


Rose gold
Millennial pink has simultaneously given rise to our new favourite metal, rose gold. We’ve written a whole article on how to use this material at home and encourage you to start replacing your silver and brass with this coppery shade. It’s fun, playful and looks very glamorous. Rose gold works well in any room and has the ability to instantly elevate a space from average to fabulous.


rose gold for your home

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Discern Tip - If you don't want to go pink all the way add in complementary colours like blues and greens to visually balance the space. 

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