Choosing Lighting For A Neutral Home

Lights For Neutral Homes

As much as we love colour, there is something so simple and calming about a completely neutral colour palette. Neutral does not have to mean white and grey however: in home décor, neutral colours are those that blend well with other colours, and are generally quite light. The key here is the undertone of the shade. Most neutrals have undertones like green, blue and yellow. Cooler neutrals usually have undertones of blue or green, while warmer neutrals have undertones of red, orange, brown or yellow. Depending on what you prefer, you can then decorate the rest of your home accordingly, in complementary shades.

There are many ways to add character to an otherwise monotonous room. Neutral shades work really well together but it’s possible that the depth you want in a room gets lost under all those similar shades. One way that we like to make a room pop is with accents and details, a key one being lighting. Here are a few ways to light up your neutral home for warmth and colour.

Complementary Colours
If your home has hints of blue or green evident under the shades of grey that you may have chosen, use this as a guide. Consult a colour wheel and take a look at what shades are directly opposite the undertones you see in your room. Blue and green for example, are complemented by a shade of reddish orange. This tool helps you pick lighting in complementary colours that will enhance the room using a very subtle play of colours.

Circular Wall Light

Blue Lamp

Blue Prism Lamp

Neat and Clean
If there is one thing about neutrals, it’s the neatness that we are drawn to. The simplicity and complete lack of fuss is what should ideally be mimicked in your décor as well. What’s the point of a stainless steel kitchen with a gaudy golden chandelier hanging in the centre of the room? This confuses the eye and actually takes away from the theme you had in mind while decorating. Find lighting that is simple and effective, and look for straight lines, sharp angles and clean designs for a neutrally coloured home.


Saucer Lamp


Brass Table Lamp

The Same Shades
Another way you can create some interesting components with neutral décor is to use similarly coloured lighting. If you have a very yellow or beige room, use bamboo lighting with yellow light to create an even stronger look. If you want to create a warmer vibe in a room that is already cream and white, you can use warm, amber coloured lighting to achieve this. If you have a grey room and want to create a cooler atmosphere, you can use stainless steel lamps with white light.


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Gumbaz Pendant Lamp

Whatever your preference is when it comes to the neutrals you choose, think very carefully about the accents you add to the décor scheme. These have the ability to either elevate your theme or create confusion. With neutrals, we always believe, less is more.



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