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Living rooms designed in a Classic style are sure to charmingly transport one into the world we've usually seen depicted in Golden Era movies. The Discern Design Studio was given the mandate to create a 3D render of an integrated, family-oriented living room with a soft colour palette, which would make the inhabitants feel like they were occupying a richly elegant space of a bygone era. The interior design team was asked to think elegantly old-school while designing this living room, with decor characteristic of century-old homes. 

The classic colonial style of furniture features elements of British, French, Dutch and Portuguese influences in India. When the Europeans arrived in India, the influences of their culture, including architecture and design, spread all over the country, thus integrating into the native design styles. Architects and craftsmen of India who were thus influenced imbibed the new learnings into their designs. Well-known characteristics of colonial style furniture are outward curls and decorative legs. Materials used are dark wood and woven cane.

The focal point in this living room is the decorative mirror, which was placed behind the three-seater sofa.  It creates perfect symmetry and balances both sides of the living room beautifully. The ceiling was painted in Luxe Blush - Pantone Shade, while Cool December - Pantone Shade was chosen for the intricately moulded cornice, designed in a traditional European style.

The flooring was given a distressed walnut finish in a Chevron pattern, with a 2" skirting. Also painted in the Cool December shade, it was intended to match the colour of the cornice, for uniformity and continuity. A traditional design pattern in Dusk Blue - Pantone Shade was carefully chosen for the wallpaper, to coordinate it with the selected cushions. 

The decor products selected combine beautifully to bring in the sophisticated charm of a classic colonial living room. The Provenance rug from Jaipur Rugs is patchwork-style, and made from wool and silk. Handmade in rural India, it belongs to the transitional style of interior design, and adds charisma to the living room.  

rug design
The Doon one-seater sofa from Gulmohar Lane, upholstered in Linen Cotton Sand Fabric, was chosen for the seating area because of its soft curves. It is distinguished by rolled arms, skirting detail around the hem and an understated welting around the edges. The cushioning on the sides, back and arms further contribute to making it a very comfortable seating option.
Doon Collection Sofa
Doon Collection Sofa
The Chesterfield sofa from Gulmohar Lane could easily fit right into an English library or a European gentleman's club, with its rolled arms and tufted back. It is therefore a great pick for this classic colonial-style living room. 
Chesterfield Collection Sofa
Chesterfield Collection Sofa 
The Vintage Sun mirror from Rain and Peacock stands apart from other circular mirrors thanks to its angular form. It gives the living room wall it is hanging on a new depth, and stands out even when hung against a patterned wallpaper.
Vintage Sun Mirror
Vintage Sun Mirror
Classic Colonial Living Room Colour Palette
From left to right: Bone, Dusk Blue, Long Black, Snorkel Blue
The warm and fresh colour palette makes this classic colonial living room look sophisticated, warm and comfortable. The colours form a pleasing backdrop for the classic colonial furniture, and work to bring the elements of the living room together, most harmoniously. 


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