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Now that we are spending so much time indoors, you might be rethinking some of the décor choices you made earlier. Sometimes, following trends means that you need to keep updating your décor whereas choosing more classic décor allows for a longer time period between redesigning your home. When you think of classic décor what do you imagine? Is it the home Scarlett O’Hara lived in in Gone With The Wind? Or perhaps your local gymkhana club with cane chairs and that elegant bar? Whatever you choose, classic décor is not for the faint of heart. An interior design style that is ornate and larger than life, classic design will also be timeless and look as good now as it will in 20 years.

classic bedroom

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What is classic décor?
Classic décor is a style of furniture and design that has emerged from the 18th-early 20th centuries and is similar to what you might imagine European classical design to be. During this time, furniture was handcrafted which meant each piece was intricately designed and unique. Classic home décor is more traditional, orderly and predictable so it works well for an older couple or family who are quite sure of their preferences. You won’t find any wild abstract prints or bright colours here! The goal is to create a comfortable space for your family to enjoy and relax in, while still paying homage to the roots of classical home décor.
Building on this sensibility there are various types of design within classical design such as colonial, European and rustic which we’ll talk about more below.
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What are the key characteristics?
Classical home design is quite traditional so you will often see things in pairs such as sofas and side tables, those who like symmetry will enjoy this style. You will also find that a classic home need not be ostentatious, though many fans of the European design style might prefer this. The idea is to be comfortable while still stylish and timeless.
In India classic home decor has been manifested through colonial design, especially in places like Goa, hill stations like Coonor and Kochi. Throughout the years of European rule in India, influences from France, England, the Netherlands and Portugal blended together with local ideas, materials and craftsmanship to create a unique sense of design that is still very beautiful and in vogue even today. Identifying characteristics of colonial décor include heavy woods like mahogany and rosewood; the use of woven cane in furniture and accents along with peg tables and wrought iron details.
classic colonial living room
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However, if you prefer something a little bit more dramatic then there is an option for you as well! If you’ve ever visited a church in France or old castle in England, or even watched shows like Downton Abbey and The Crown; then you already know this style of design! Ornate and over the top, European classic design uses heavy woods, metals and ornamentation to create pieces that can stand the test of time. You will see things like velvet curtain, floral printed sofas, gold accents and tassles. Although a very beautiful and impactful sensibility, you also need a home that is large enough to easily house this grand scale of design.

classic colonial room

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Another angle to take when bringing classical home décor to your space is to consider a more rustic approach. This is what many refer to as country or shabby chic. Rustic design is what you would imagine a home to look like during the Civil War in the US. That is, lots of high ceilings, wooden beams and arches, organic textures and natural materials. Rustic interior décor has been upgraded in the 20th century to include details like distressed finishes, minimal ornamentation and pastel colours.

Classic rustic

Classic Rustic Dining Area - Shop the Look

How do I create this at home?
Classical design focuses on function, soft lines and symmetry. You will often see a mix of vertical and horizontal lines which offer a nice break between the more rounded furniture. In terms of fabric choices, you can look at anything from plaid and floral prints to solid colours and more textural things like jute and cane. Very small all-over designs are quite common as are things like simple stripes and muted pastels. The overall look and feel should be one of a comfortable home, where you feel welcome and relaxed. Furniture often sits in the centre of the room against a straight axis without any statement pieces standing out from the rest of your home.
Many classically designed homes will feature things like crown molding and glossy white trim on the walls. Wallpaper is also a popular choice as is built-in furniture like television cabinets and storage units. A lot of the homes we have grown up in feature elements of classical design which is why it always feels so nostalgic and reassuring to have a home with this sort of style.
No matter what your preference, we have design experts who can identify the correct home décor style for you and adapt it to your budget and space.


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