Classic Rustic Dining Room: Look Endorsed by Lynda D'Souza

Lynda D'Souza
The Design team at Discern Living wanted to create a look that resonated with the personal aesthetic of Architect Lynda D'Souza and the design style of her Toronto-based team at Wilde North Interiors. Their design philosophy was deeply integrated while creating the Look and when choosing the furniture. Wilde North Interiors' main aim is to create design solutions that resonate with the personality of their clients, while telling each client's personal story through their home.

This dining 

room has a distinct Classic Rustic appeal to it, which has been inspired by the design style of the Wilde North Interiors office.
This classic-traditional room has been designed beautifully using neutrals and a mix of warms woods and textures, which all help to keep the space light, bright and  a perfect setting for bringing family and friends together in. The design team has seamlessly mixed traditional pieces of furniture and lighting with a modern rug and drapes, which keep the room from looking stuffy. The shot of blue in the drapes is the perfect way to bring a happy color into the mix. The dark chandelier stands out in perfect contrast against the neutrals and the vintage artwork brings interest to the walls. 

Discern was inspired to create this look keeping in mind Lynda D'Souza's designs. 



"The classic style of design is a big favorite of mine and I like how the team has pulled the neutrals together while keeping the room looking warm and elegant. Adding a carved wood ethnic hutch brings the right amount of texture into the mix and takes away from making the room feel 'too classic'. My favorite product in this look would have to be the hutch. The pale wood color and hand-carved doors lighten the piece, making it look less 'heavy' in this beautiful room. The dining table and chairs come a close second. A beautiful look created by the Discern Design Studio, this space is a perfect balance in good design."


Dining Table Set
6-Seater Dining Table Set

Chest Of Drawers
Chest Of Drawers With Wood Carving And Crystal Knobs 

Far East YNB

Crystal Chandelier
Clear Crystal Chandelier

Big Wellington Wall Clock

Railroad Crossing Wall Art 

What did you think of the Rustic Dining Room that the Discern design team created, with tips from Lynda D'Souza? Do you see yourself bringing this look - or elements of it - into your own home? Tell us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, @DiscernLiving.