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The Discern design team's inspiration for this look was to create a relaxed atmosphere, for a frequent traveller. The brief was to create a living room that would be a welcome respite to come home to, after a long trip, or even just a long day at the office. A Classic Rustic decor theme was adopted, to give the space a soft, countryside vibe. 

The Classic Rustic decor style refers to and references Classic Vintage, French Country, Shabby-Chic, and American Classic furniture, which are derivatives of European and Colonial furniture, but simpler in form and detail. This style is best represented by distressed and deliberately worn-out finishes, with little-to-no-ornamentation, in order to create a more natural, casual and comfortable ambience in interior spaces. The furniture and soft furnishings were limited to pastel colours and a neutral shade. The Classic Rustic style is known for its warm-yet-neutral colour palettes. 

Derby Dashing Sofa Three Seater
Derby Dashing Sofa Three Seater - Shop Now

The wall on which the windows are is painted in the Pantone shade colour 'Lake.' It is a dark and warm colour and is used to elevate the whole space as it contrasts beautifully with the light oak wooden floors. A cream (Pantone shade colour 'Luxe Blush') coloured wallpaper was picked to coordinate with the flooring. The wallpaper design is vintage and traditional, in accordance with the style. To break the monotony and lend the eye a break from the similar-coloured flooring and walls, the skirting was painted in white. The windows are layered with a white sheer, and slate coloured, pleated curtains complete the look. 

The contour wool and viscose rugs and ivory from Jaipur Rugs is hand-woven and crafted in wool. With its subtle colours and design, it gives the space a soft and traditional charm.

Contour Wool and Viscose Rugs 5X8 - Linen And Ivory
Contour Wool and Viscose Rugs 5X8 - Linen And Ivory - Shop Now
The handmade brown leather ottoman can be used as a table as well as for extra seating. The tufted accents on top make the ottoman look regal and old-school.
Buck Ii Leather Bench

Buck Ii Leather Bench - Shop Now

The Interio Enchanting Glass and MDF Mirror from Pepperfry is embellished with multi-coloured stones. It encourages second glances and brightens up the entire space with its intricate details. 
Round Mosaic Mirror
Round Mosaic Mirror - Shop Now
Classic colour palette for living room
Colour palette from left to right - Sand Dollar, Chocolate, Luxe Blush, Lake and Slate. The warm colour palette used in this look makes the space cosy and inviting while adding a rustic, country charm. It is elegant and sophisticated. The colours are subdued and refreshing which highlights natural beauty.

To learn about more design styles, check out Discern's Style Guide, which is a comprehensive look at 16 different decor styles, seen across India and around the world. 


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