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The phrase “Colonial Times” means different things to everyone, some link it with the British Rule, something of the Portuguese and some think about the French. But if there’s one thing that is common to all three it is the architecture and interiors of that era.

During the Colonial times, the interiors of most grand houses consisted of wood furnishing, plain dull coloured walls, large windows, and lots of light.  In today’s day and age, buildings are being constructed closer and closer together with almost no views from the window apart from your neighbour’s bathtub.

Nonetheless, we could still offer you a Colonial style living to ease yourself from the cramped houses of the metropolitan life.  Pastel, quiet colours are more soothing and peaceful and at the same time make the house look much more spacious. Another way to increase the space in your house and make it more Colonial is to have simple wooden furniture in just the right amount. This helps to make your room look perfect.

The benefits of having a Colonial Look in your home are innumerable. It adds a more antique feeling to your home and makes it feel cooler (as in the temperature). The colonial look will give you a break from the world of technology and help you relax.

Do check out the beautiful colonial look our designers have created just for you. Just click on the link below and we will take care of the rest. 

Colonial Cuisine

Colonial Cuisine - Shop the Look


Tripod Floor Lamp with Shade


Tripod Floor Lamp with Shade - Shop Now

Wellington Dining Chair - Blue

Wellington Dining Chair - Blue - Shop Now

Maison Dining Table

Maison Dining Table - Shop Now

Wool Flat Weaves Cool Aqua Carpet(10x8)

Wool Flat Weaves Cool Aqua Carpet(10x8) - Shop Now 

Bringing home this look will let you bring the warmth of Goan home filled with bright sunshine and freshness. 


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