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As part of the Discern Design Studio's consistent commitment to bringing our Style Guide to life, through 3-D renders of spaces that follow certain design principles, the team virtually created this Country Dining Room. The brief was to envision a lavish dining space in a high-rise apartment in Mumbai. The occupants are fans of all things vintage, and thought that the juxtaposition of a Country-inspired dining room in an otherwise modern apartment, would be a nice addition. The Discern Design Studio got to work, and created a render of a dining room that is richly glamourous, with a vintage touch. 

Our interior designers visualised and created a Look in French Country Style for this dining room, which offers a splendid view of the city. They were keen to ensure that the space resonated with the lifestyle of the occupants. The French Country style, which emerged in the 18th century, exemplifies a relaxed yet sophisticated style of living. This style is not limited to a certain period in French history; rather it makes reference to the exuberant and lavish lifestyle of the French. 

The French Country design and decor style includes a mix of vintage furniture, drawing from different design periods in France, most significantly the 18th century. This was during the reign of Kings Louis I, II and III, and the furniture of the time was, as a result, strongly influenced by the courts of Versailles.

Country decor is a part of the Rustic design style, that stems from the Classic style of furniture and design, dating back to the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. 

The Country furniture style is practical, pared down and less ornate than what is typically seen in the pure Classic style. This style of furniture was designed to enhance the natural state of the products, was painted in soft pastel colours with stencil motives, and was limed or colour-washed to add texture.

During the 18th century, skilled craftsmen had access to ample amounts of timber from nearby forests. The iconic pieces of furniture created by them include ladder-back chairs, large farm tables, sideboards, carved oak hutches and armoires. The popularity of these furniture pieces outlasted the period of their origin. The French Country style of furniture is versatile and can easily complement the existing decor in any number of homes. 

The Discern Design Studio was inspired by the timelessness of this style and the spaciousness of French country homes. The inspiration to create a spacious look was achieved with the help

 of the full-length window in the dining room, and the reflection of the space in the mirror above the console. The mirror helped to double up space with the reflection of light.

The products chosen by our interior designers are in the same colour family as the one that French Country furniture is usually seen in. The use of light colours for furniture and decor accessories helped to infuse this dining room with a light and airy look. 

The Erykah sideboard by Pepperfry is finished to give it a weathered look in a manner that ensures that no two pieces are identical.

Erykah Sideboard
Featuring an eye-catching design, this antique mirror by Pepperfry is finished in an antique silver shade, and refreshes the overall look of the space.  
Antique Mirror
Antique Mirror
This Tufted Pumpkin Rug made of wool and silk adds a splash of colour to the otherwise neutral dining room. The pattern is reminiscent of the French Country style of decor. 
Turfted Pumpkin Rug
This creamy White Table Lamp with a distressed-finish wooden base is a beautifully-apt accessory for the Country Dining Room.
Wooden Table Lamp
Wooden Table Lamp
Colour Palette:
The overall colour palette is soft, with weathered textures that add vintage charm. ​Each piece has been given a unique look, with the distressed finishing it has gone through. Choosing pieces of furniture in white wood, and fabrics such as white or neutral linen has added an effect of airiness and spaciousness that the design was in need of. The walls were painted in a soft grey to create contrast with the white furniture.

The rust orange shade of the Pumpkin Rug introduces a pop of colour into the room, making it look alive and balanced amidst the whites and greys.

Country Dining Room Colour Palette
From left to right: Weathered White, Grey and Rust Orange.
The Country Dining Room Look that our Design Studio created is reflective of a glamorous feminine personality - someone who is house-proud and loves to entertain gracefully. We enjoyed creating this look - it would be a great setting for intimate, sophisticated dinner parties.


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