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With a variety of hot trends making their way to the home straight from the runway, Discern brings you looks inspired by Royal French décor. French décor is all the rage across the world, with its unique mixture of Baroque, Rococo, and Empire influences. Send the exaggerated glamour quotient soaring sky high with our tips on bringing this over-the-top design style into your own homes. 

A living room is possibly the most visible and 'high-traffic' area of your home. This is a space where you should really go all out, and aim to impress your visitors. Consider an extravagant look, inspired by the décor of the Palace of Versailles.

The Palace of Versailles is known for its lavish use of marbles. Flooring in this material goes well with a typical French colour palette of white and blue. Consider wallpaper with an elegant, subdued design, in light periwinkle. Another lovely addition would be a Baroque-style table with a tri-fold mirror, that can be used as a vanity table. The sheepskin chair adds a touch of drama and modern chic to the feminine, dreamy setting.
Ceiling to floor treatment of the rooms is typical French style. Furniture with curvaceous silhouettes and intricate detailing are a unique element of Versailles-inspired décor. 18th-century style floor tiles, crystal chandeliers, wallpapers with elegant designs and tiny detailing make the French style so unique. A touch of gold is also an essential element, however try to restrain yourself here as there is a fine line between elegant and kitschy!  

Add beauty and royalty to your house with these products. The royal French décor tops the list for an uncompromisingly elegant and beautiful style of living.

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1. Textured Glass Wall Light - Shop Now 
2. Rodin Lamp
Waterlilies in a Pond I by Samir Paul - Shop Now 
4. Orient Side table
5. Gulmarg Collection Vintage Rose - Shop Now 
6. Butterfly Ginkgo Bowl - Shop Now 
7. Faun Tufted Coffee Table 
8. Duomo Glass Ball Chandelier - Shop Now 
9. Vintage Evelyn Rose Cushion Cover - Shop Now 
10. Jubilee Rug - Shop Now 
11. Floral Mirrored Table - Shop Now 
12. Tall Pine Lamp with Shade
13. Mrirror VD-HZ-633 - Shop Now 

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Textured Glass Wall Light

by Ivanka Lumiere
Rs. 6,500/-


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Waterlilies in a Pond I by Samir Paul

by The Verandah
Rs. 65,000/-


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OUT OF STOCKgulmarg-collection-vintage-rose

Gulmarg Collection - Vintage Rose

by Gulmohar Lane
Rs. 92,500/-


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Butterfly Ginkgo Bowl

by Michael Aram
Rs. 38,025/-


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