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When you hear the phrase “Retro Extravaganza” what comes into your mind? Celebration? Parties? A blast of colours? When we think of the phrase, our minds automatically go to colour, patterns, designs, and craziness all found in someone’s room. Yes, you read that right! We can make all the extravaganza craziness come alive in your room. And how do we do that? Well, read on to find out.

The ideal Retro Extravaganza room has a lot of pastel colour. It will have a light shade of blue on the walls, a bright patterned rug, and some wildly designed pillows and to top it all off, abstract colourful painting on the wall. The key is to make all of these different designs merge together and make the room feel perfect. The picture below is the visual representation of what has just been described.

   Retro Extravaganza

Shop The Look - Retro Extravaganza 

Let’s start with the basics. The only normal and subdued colour in that room is the armchair and the sofa set. If every item of furniture is a jazzy bright colour then the balance will go out of proportion making the room seem cheap and too much for the eye. Hence, the beige colour of the armchair and the sofa set helps to create the perfect balance. We have both items on sale on our website. Here are pictures of them without the entire room setting. In case you want to try something new the armchair also comes in brown, red and blue. Take your pick!

Vintage Leatherette - Chair White

Vintage Leatherette - Chair White - Shop Now 

Hove Heaven Sofa Three Seater

Hove Heaven Sofa Three Seater - Shop Now 

Now let’s get to the pastels. The first thing most people see when shown the Retro Extravaganza Room design is the blue sitting stools. This stool has a greater height, more comfort, and is easy to manoeuvre and store. Even if you don’t want to turn your room into a Retro Extravaganza, these stools can be used in your home. Buy it today! In case blue is not your colour; we also have the stool in Red, Purple and white.  

Round Tufted Pouffe - Dark Blue

Round Tufted Pouffe - Dark Blue - Shop Now 

The Rug in your room means more than you realise. It is not just a piece of cloth that covers the floor. It adds beauty to your room and also manages to tie the entire room together. That is why choosing the right rug is of utmost importance. In a Retro Extravaganza themed room, you can go all out on your choice of rug. It can be colourful, loud, whatever you want, as long as it goes well with the other furniture. In our design of the room, we have chosen a blue patterned rug, to go with all the other furniture. On our website, you will find plenty of rugs for you to choose from. The choice is up to you.

The pillow covers a room and sets the theme. If you have sombre pillowcases then the room becomes more serious and business-like. If you have colourful pillow covers, it could be a party etc. In a Retro Extravaganza themed room, colourful crazy patterned cushions would be ideal. We have used a mix of both, wild crazy patterns and a calmer checkered pattern.

Two Row Ashok Trees Cushion Cover - Blue

Two Row Ashok Trees Cushion Cover - Blue - Shop Now

The icing on the cake is the paintings in the room. The more abstract, the more Retro Extravagant.  We have a large array of paintings perfect for this kind of setup. The wilder the paintings the better the look. Just log onto our website and find the right one. We love the Retro Extravaganza look and absolutely recommend it! Try out this look with your own twist and style and make your home look absolutely stunning. But remember whenever you need to shop for furniture for your home we are always here to help.

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Straight up, no BS. Some hand picked products that we feel you’ll fall in love with. Correction, we know you’ll fall in love with.

Group Think Ii - 20 X 20 IN

by Mojarto

Navy Concentric Cushion Cover Inverse

by Blueberry Home

Round Tufted Pouffe - Light Blue

by BMJ Designs

Birmingham Beauty Sofa Three Seater

by Urban Living


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