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Every father needs a space to call his own. Poor dad often gets neglected when it comes to calling dibs on rooms in a home, be it a family room, den or study. With Father's Day coming up, we decided to showcase a room that is just perfect for Dad.

This room is for either a single gent, or a family man whose partner also appreciates the more masculine and earthy vibe that the space conveys, and which complements the rest of their home. This sophisticated room is a rugged yet mature space for the everyday dad who enjoys putting his feet up in a comfortable and relaxed setting, after a long day at the office. The fact that the space can also accommodate everyone else in the family means that it serves the dual purpose of being both a group hangout spot, as well as a quiet retreat for when dad needs it the most. The room is fuss-free, elegant and aesthetically pleasing - all elements we feel a Dad is really looking for! 

The exposed brick wall and metal accents give this room an industrial feel, which is considered very trendy and modern. The huge French windows provide ample natural light while the wooden flooring keeps the room cosy and intimate. The track lights on the ceiling provide depth via the light they throw into the room, and complement the floor and table lamps nicely. For this Look, the Discern Design Studio has chosen pieces like the Arlington Rectangle Coffee Table and Langston Chair from Home HQ, which are are contemporary and have clean lines without any added frills. The ample seating space provided by the Langston Chairs and Colton Sofa  from 

Vilaasita ensure that there is enough room for everything from games night to a Sunday afternoon snooze! 
Colton Sofa Collection - Sand - Three Seater

Colton Sofa Collection - Sand - Three Seater - Shop Now

The warm, earthy tones make the room feel familiar yet classic. The warm brown serves as a neutral base for distinctive elements like the midnight blue cushion covers from Yamini and liquorice Vintage Table Lamp from Rain and Peacock. Softer colours like Pantone shades Rhinoceros Gray, Beige and Pigeon Gray are used as gentle blurs between the stronger tones of brown and black. This helps blend the elements together without giving any one too much importance. The walls and tables have mostly been kept bare, except for the big-screen television (perfect for movie nights!) and other functional elements. Finally, the Project Error by Kavi rug by Jaipur Rugs ties the entire room together with its abstract shades of brown and beige. Fathers don’t like fuss and that’s exactly what we kept in mind while designing this space. 
Midnight Blue Cushion Covers
Midnight Blue Cushion Covers - Shop Now

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