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In Part I and II of our series on Zodiac home decor, we brought you styles and decor tips that would likely appeal the most to Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus, Gemini and Cancer star signs. In Part III of this series, we decode how the stars for Leo, Virgo and Libra influence aesthetics and decor sensibilities.

A Leo is ambitious, expressive, generous and adventurous. The aesthetic sensibility of a Leo is usually seen through his/her choice of a colorful palette, be it in clothing or home decor - think red, fuschia, and gold. A touch of luxe is bound to present itself in a Leo's home. For this star sign's creative and extravagant personality, we've chosen this statement lamp, crafted from fine brass. The body of the lamp has a burnished gold finish. Each piece is assembled by hand.


Surreal Etched Gold Hanging Light - Shop Now 

Bird Cage Golden Small Pendant Light - Shop Now 

The Virgo star sign is characterised by its industrious and methodical nature. It is no wonder then, that Virgos strive to achieve perfection in everything they undertake. A love for art and craft, and an appreciation of the finer details, are hallmarks of this star sign. Because of this, Virgos are able to play with myriad design styles; their practical side, however, makes them balance function with elegance perfectly well. Our choice for Virgos is this stunning wallpaper - it shows an appreciation for art and transforms your space from floor to ceiling, with its bespoke look featuring a bold application of colours.



Orchid Bloom Watercolour Design Frameable Wall Art

Librans are known for their preference for everything timeless and classic. Easy and effortless decor is what strikes them as beautiful. Known for a sense of balance - represented by the scales - a Libran's home would be treated no differently. Decor highlights would include a beautifully-balanced blend of colours, accentuated by sophisticated furnishings and accessories. Bringing a love for the outdoors into the home, in stylish ways, is what Discern recommends for this star sign.  

Woven Coir Check Footmat - Shop Now 

Cotton Woven Crochia Oval - Brown - Shop Now 

Stay tuned for our last and final installment in our series on Zodiac Decor, where we'll talk about the decor styles best suited to Scorpios, Sagittarians and Capricorns. Watch this space! 


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