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We love when designers divide a single product into halves and create two distinctive designs on it. This juxtaposition of scenes, patterns, colour blocking, and designs lends the product a duality. We celebrate this duality in home décor products. We found some interesting product design which fit our Design Duality inspiration.

Italian design house Seletti, in collaboration with CtrlZak, has released their Hybrid line of tableware. Each piece is graphically divided into geometric halves, with each half representing the various motifs and elements of East and West design.

“The pieces in the collection are graphically divided between East and West with a coloured line marking the boundary between the two styles and paradoxically, strengthening at the same time the union” – House of Seletti


CeramiX Art, also by CtrlZak, is a look at the historical relations between Europe and China through a ceramic lens. Ancient China's long and enduring relationship with ceramics was the source of inspiration for European artists for centuries, but today China's ceramic signature is more significant in their production of European designs. Each piece is carefully paired to create a visual narrative where both elements enrich each other.

CeramiX Art

The New York-based Apparatus Studio has used a similar idea to create some creative light fixtures.

Another collection, called  “Shift Porcelain”, featuring a tea set and a vase (or three.)

CeramiX Art

We spotted the Design Duality style in one of Aman Khanna's pieces from the Claymen series. Claymen is a collection of small sculptures based on Aman's interpretation of the common man who inhabits the world he sees. Thank you Bungalow 8 for introducing us to this cool product. We can imagine using these on the dining table during Sunday brunch. 





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