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​All parents want their kids to love their homes, and what better way than to start early by decorating their nursery to provide the babies with a peaceful and happy sanctuary? Well, Eisha Maskara Sheth has the answer to all of your needs – her baby bedding brand, Masilo. ‘Mas’, Spanish for ‘more’, and ‘ilo’, Finnish for ‘joy’ inspires parents with contemporary designs by Eisha and her creative all-woman team! The best part? Her artisans use traditional handmade Indian techniques, such as wood-block printing, on locally-sourced Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton as the outer layer for all bedding – which means it is hypoallergenic and less likely to cause rashes for infants!
We chatted with Eisha, the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London graduate about her family background in textiles and digital design, and what ultimately led her to start a handmade brand that married her love for contemporary global design and traditional Indian textile craftsmanship.


Why textiles and linens and, most importantly, why for children?
I was introduced to the world of textiles as a child because my family has been in the home linen industry for the past 35 years. Growing up, I learned to consciously choose natural, breathable fabrics over synthetic ones, and handwork over machine-made products.
Children are precious and sensitive, and it’s important that they receive the best quality products as possible. Realising the limited choices available in India for baby linen that aligned with my sensibility, I was keen to revamp this space.
At Masilo, our mission is to bring more joy to your bundle of joy through good design and pure fabrics.


Can you share how you started this venture, from the drawing board, to design, to sourcing, to ensuring mothers and fathers were able to buy it for their children - what's been tough and/or most enjoyable?

With a background in graphic design and family business in textiles, I started out designing blankets for new babies of friends and family. From initial hand illustrations to sourcing the softest organic pieces of cotton and working with traditional Indian textile processes such as woodblock printing (and giving them a contemporary twist!) – I enjoyed the entire process. So I eventually decided to turn this passion project into a brand and business.

Sometimes it has been difficult to get people to understand the difference and pay a premium for organic cotton over regular cotton, but we believe that awareness of the benefits of organic cotton will only grow.

The positive reviews and feedback we get from our clients is what keeps us going and makes all the hard work we put in worth it. We often let out a little squeal (of excitement) every time we receive pictures of how our products are being enjoyed by little ones all over the world!

1_2_0.jpg 2_3_0.jpg 4_1_0.jpg

Pictures Courtesy: Masilo 

Tell us about your children's bedding product line - unique features, your favourite pieces, the designs - we love them! So do tell us a little bit more about the thought and the inspiration behind them? 
With a modern minimal-inspired design philosophy executed by using certified organic fabrics and Indian techniques, we wanted to create a brand that’s Indian at-heart and global in spirit and finish.


'Curious Bear' Organic Cot Bedding Set - Shop Now 
In the first few weeks after being born, babies primarily register black and white contrasts and these send the strongest visual signals to their brains, leading to faster brain growth and visual development. Although it’s unconventional to use black and white for nurseries in India, the thought behind the ‘Peekaboo Panda’ collection was to offer a design that stimulates a baby’s vision, in an adorably playful design!
'Peekaboo Panda' Organic Dohar Blanket - Shop Now 
We also offer several other gender neutral collections such as the ‘Curious Bear’ and ‘Mama Whale’ collections that work well for pregnant mothers or as baby shower gifts here in India, where we typically don’t know the gender of the babies before they arrive.
'Mama Whale' Organic Fitted Cot Sheet 
I'm an ocean lover and certified diver, so we had to have a sea life collection – the 'Mama Whale.' It's gender neutral and the design detail of the Mama spouting (unconditional) love is simply my favourite! 

Do you have any tips for new parents on how to incorporate your lovely children's decor in their baby rooms? Also, what about parents in small apartments, how can they decorate their baby areas with your decor?

We're all about offering parents the option for a DIY modern nursery. It's easy to mix and match pieces from our collections or pick a single theme and fill the nursery with it. It doesn't matter if your apartment is small or if your baby doesn't have a separate room yet - small accents can add loads of character to your baby's space.
Here are some tips on how you can use some of our decor pieces to do just this.
'Happy Cloud' Wall Mobile - Shop Now 
Hang our beautifully crafted bunting garlands on the door, around the window or across the wall above where your baby sleeps for a festive, fun-filled touch to your child's nursery or bedroom.
'Buzzing Bee' Fabric Storage Baskets
Line up a bunch of our colourful durable cotton storage baskets and place them on the changing table, bookshelf, bathroom or kids room - they make a sweet storage solution for any nursery. They even fold flat when not in use to save space!
'Dancing Butterflies' Cushion
Our adorable shape cushions can be placed on a rocking chair, among cushions on a bed or even as a showpiece on a shelf! We also offer a chic range of assorted cushions in both cotton and pure linen - pick 2-4 and place them on a day bed or pick just as an accent for your feeding chair.

We've  introduced personalisation to our bedding and nursery decor – follow us on Instagram (@masilo.in) for updates!

Where is the next pop-up and where can we find more info about it?
Visit the “Pop-Ups” section on our website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for details on upcoming events.

What can one expect from Masilo next? 
We started out with a capsule collection of eight designs and we've been expanding our existing product range by introducing swaddles, sleep sacks and clothing in the next few months. Going forward, we plan to take this little (ad)venture overseas too! 


We’ve made it really easy for busy parents to shop our collections on-the-go (Download Discern Living, available now on the (Google Play Store or iOS App store) and receive deliveries within a week!



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