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Malvika Vaswani is a designer and maker, trained in process based industrial design. She began her design journey at the Rhode Island School of Design and started her professional life in New York City, balancing designing jewellery for BCBGeneration, with creating homeware for Teroforma. Since returning to India in late 2011, she worked with Pinakin Patel and Rooshad Shroff. Her cross continental design journey led her to establish Aunterra – an award winning experimental brand, created to test the boundaries of design in India.

The Malvika Vaswani Brand 
Armed with varied experiences in different design-related fields, Malvika also set up her eponymous brand. The Malvika Vaswani brand is a cross-disciplinary design house, creating products across categories, bound by a singular philosophy. The brand is the meeting point of design, craft and process, resulting in a holistic approach to design.  Malvika Vaswani believes that 'good design lies in the intrinsic qualities of product, form and aesthetic'. For her, each piece is a commitment of craft, quality and ethical design, built through a rigorous and thoughtful process anchored in experimentation.

The strength of the Malvika Vaswani brand lies in its cross disciplinary, hands-on-knowledge of materials that enable the creation of an endless array of designs. Malvika's cross-cultural experiences result in a fusion of design covering not only international design aesthetics but also local techniques. The unique selling point of the Malvika Vaswani brand is the approach - using the discipline and values of industrial design and applying it to a ‘wearable form’. For Malvika, jewellery is a perfect meeting point for art and design. 


Can’t start your day without?
Reading a motivational quote.

Book recommendation?
The Art of Thinking clearly – Rolf Dobelli.

 Rolf Dobelli
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Favourite movie ever?

Why jewellery? What other accessories do you like to wear?
Jewellery is body sculpture - it makes or breaks an outfit. The only other accessory I love as much is shoes.

Favourite room in your house?
My bedroom.

Favourite room in the world?
My studio.

Favourite place to work that isn’t your office? 
Nestled in the mountains!

Three things on your desk right now that are the most important to you – and why?
Computer, sketchbook and pen.

Which city inspires your creativity?
New York, Paris, Barcelona.

Favourite material to work with? 

Can’t leave your house without?
Cell Phone (as terrible as it sounds).

The first thing you would do to decorate an empty room?
Add some wall colour.

Favourite place to shop?
Paris boutiques - St. Germain has some marvellous options. 

Paris St . Germain
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If you could pick any other city to live in, which one would it be?
New York, hands down!

Subtle and sophisticated OR bright and bold?
Subtle and sophisticated.

Fairy lights OR chandeliers? 

Dots, blocks OR stripes? 

On a table top – flowers or candles? 

A dinner guest you would bring out the china for?
I love hosting everyone, so the china will always be out at my home!

A celebrity you would like to have a drink with?
Hmm… George Clooney..!

George Clooney
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Biggest fashion trend of all time?
Statement Earrings.

Biggest design trend of all time?
Less is more.

Who is your style icon? (Design icon)?
So many to choose from! 

Zaha Hadid, Walter Gropius, Antoni Gaudi, Rajiv Sethi, and Le Corbusier, to name just a few. 
Famous Interior Architects

What would be the title of your autobiography?
What Wild Things Are Made Of!

What is your motto for entertaining?
To make sure everyone is included, and also that everyone is well fed.

Your favourite type of print?
Geometric - I love calculated Islamic patterns.

Vintage OR modern?
That's a hard one, but I will go with modern!

Which decade/period is your favourite for décor?
Art Deco.

Most fashionable fictional character or television character?
The Devil Wears Prada had the best characters!

Which decade is your favourite for fashion? 
The Seventies. 

Favourite thing to gift? 

What inspires you? 

One thing you would like to own in your closet?
A pair of ripped jeans, actually - I have none!

One thing you would like to own in your home?
A hammock- the handcrafted, luxury furniture brand Dedon has such wonderful ones. 

A hammock
When hosting an event – do you have a checklist? What’s #1 on that list? 
Always food!

What is your guilty pleasure? 

What coffee table book are you likely to own?
Something to do with Indian art history and architecture.

Style advice for the rest of us?
Stay confident - it’s the coolest style. 

If you had an accent wall, what colour would it be?
Mint green.

Favourite home decor store?
In India, it's Good Earth hands down.

Good Earth
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In the home – classic and ornamental or minimal and utilitarian?
Minimal and utilitarian.

Would you prefer to live in a beach house or a castle?
Beach house, any day.

A loft in a city or a cabin in the mountains?
Another hard one...both? Please?

What is one room you would love to add to your home?
A library.

Complete the sentence. Home to me is...
Where the heart really is. 

What is your design philosophy?
Less is more, always!

Can this be applied to the home? How?
Yes - clutter belongs in the gutter.

What does Discern Living mean to you?
To be able to identify, observe or recognize.


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