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Discern Living is a one stop shop for your home décor needs. With the Discern Living App, you can buy products, read articles to get inspired or browse through beautiful looks that are shoppable or hire a designer to help you redecorate, online. Our Design Studio transforms homes one room at a time through a first-of-its-kind-for-India online design process. One of our most recent home makeovers was with Summiyya Patni, one-half of the fashion blogger duo, House of MISU. Summiyya had recently moved into a new space with her husband Arnav and wanted to spruce up the 500 sq ft place within their budget of INR 4 lakhs. “We knew the colours that we wanted but what we needed, was someone to tell us what would look good and how to put things together. We were very clear in our concept and vision but needed to find the right things to bring this vision to life,” says Patni. While Summiyya and Arnav wanted to retain the original shell without making any structural changes, space needed to be updated to reflect their individual and collective personalities.

“My main concern was keeping the space modern and contemporary while also including all the components I wanted in a fairly small space,”says Summiyya. The first step in Summiyya’s Discern Living experience was taking the Style Quiz on the app. The quiz announced that their style was Scandinavian Glamour and the couple could not agree more. They wanted a neutral, minimal space that was still trendy and glamorous. This helped the designers at Discern’s studio better understand their tastes and preferences.

Discern Living Style Quiz
Step 1: Style Quiz on the App

Furniture Layout
Step 2: Furniture Layout 

Once the team received the floor plans and pictures, they drew up two furniture layouts for Summiyya & Arnav to choose between. Being a smaller space, a lot of creativity was needed to give the couple everything they were looking for. Although this room would also be their bedroom, Summiyya was very clear that they like to entertain a lot and so a large, L-shaped sofa was necessary. Another clear requirement was that they needed a small breakfast table by the window for them to enjoy the natural light and their time together in the morning before rushing off to work.

Concept Moodboard
Step 3: Concept Moodboard

With these requirements in mind, Discern’s Design Studio sent the couple two mood boards of loose furniture and décor recommendations, along with paint shades and wallpapers that could be used in the space. They loved what was sent to them and shortlisted their favourite products, which were then incorporated into a 3D image of the space. This 3D image helped both Summiyya and Arnav visualise their new home before spending on any furniture. Once the couple was aligned on each element within the space, they began placing orders for furniture and home decor on Discern Living’s app.

Final 3D home makeover
Step 4: Final 3D Render 
Summiyya wanted a space that could work as a canvas for her to add and remove accents to change things around. The design team suggested a variety of bold black and white monochrome cushions from Blueberry Home and the Textured Teal Watercolour fine art print on canvas by Black Crow Studio, which would create a beautiful graphic story in the space, but could be replaced or removed as and when required.
Scandinavian Glamour look
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Summiyya is bold and unafraid to express her energetic yet chic style. Black and white, geometric prints, hints of highly polished surfaces, and metallic finishes like gold and silver were design cues she liked and that we made sure to incorporate. As she wanted to make the space feel and look as large as possible, the ceiling and wooden rafters were painted white to make it feel more expansive and a glamorous, faceted mirror was placed above the sofa making it the focal point of the room. Summiyya and Arnav wanted to apply different shades of grey as the base for the room which we then layered on with browns, blacks, whites and beiges. We also recommended a light grey, textured wallpaper to add some depth to the walls. By keeping the foundation of the apartment relatively simple and adding on glamorous pieces of furniture and accents, Summiyya has the flexibility to move things around or change up her room as and when she feels like it.
Home makeover before and after
Before and After 
The final result was a studio apartment that is trendy yet quietly sophisticated. Both parties found the experience to be easy, stress-free and highly enjoyable.
The Living Area after Discern's Makeover
Summiyya approached Discern’s Design Studio once she learnt about our services through social media. She felt that she was a perfect fit for this service as she had a basic idea of what she was looking for and as a busy working professional, she needed a solution that would incorporate her inputs and help her to portray her aesthetic based on her own sense of design but with expert guidance without having to spend too much time. While she was very clear on her likes and dislikes, our team was able to put together options that she hadn’t thought of before, resulting in a space she was extremely happy with. 
Detailed Snapshots of the Breakfast area and Coffee Table

“We found the entire experience to be easy and incredibly seamless. We are big believers in touch and feel so doing up our house using an online service is not something we would normally do, however, the Discern Living team amazed us with their understanding of the space by just getting my floor plan and some pictures. The Style Quiz was also a great idea, as it communicated our tastes and preferences in a really effortless way. I thought the service was great and I’m very pleased with my new space! I highly recommend that everyone should try out Discern’s Design Service if they are looking for quick, affordable and high-quality interior design.” Summiyya Patni, Fashion Consultant, House of MISU

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