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Kynkyny Art is a leading gallery for affordable, contemporary Indian art based in Bangalore. Founded in 2004 by husband-and-wife duo, Namu Kini and Vivek Radhakrishnan, the gallery’s main aim is to provide a friendly space for art lovers, collectors, and first-time buyers, while providing them with all the information and guidance they need to explore the fascinating world of art.

Kynkyny Art

 Kynkyny Art
Kynkyny Art - Interiors

Kynkyny Art showcases fine art across different styles and media, whether it is figurative or abstract; mixed media; oil on canvas; or etching. The gallery has worked with over 300 artists in the last decade and has held exhibitions across India and abroad.
Discern Living contributor Shruti Choudhari chatted with 
Namu Kini - Co-Founder at Kynkyny Art

Where did the passion for starting an Art Gallery stem from? What were the early influences that lead you to this path?
I discovered my interest in art only in my 20's. My mother-in-law introduced me to both the art scene and to artists she admired. I found that working with artists opened up a whole new world for me. After being raised in big cities, and working in several corporate jobs, this was a breath of fresh air for me. Each artist has a point of view to share with the world but sometimes they aren't able to find the right audiences to make that statement to. I soon discovered that I could provide them with the platform they needed to market themselves.

What are the key differentiators that separate your gallery from any other?
For me, art is about the person behind the painting and their story. And at Kynkyny, we tell the story that goes with each painting on behalf of the artist. It makes the artwork more meaningful. We have put in a lot of effort to create a world class space; once you walk into the gallery, you could be anywhere in the world.

What kind of questions or concerns do your buyers have? 
There are different types of buyers - one strain is that of the serious collectors who will buy art regardless of size, practicality or medium. They are usually industrialists with access to large spaces, where they display their collections. These days however, everyone does not have the same freedom and our regular art buyers are definitely concerned about the room in which the painting will hang. Some artists and gallerists are offended when buyers think practically while making their decision, but I am not! The room represents the buyer's space and personality, and an artwork must fit into it accordingly.

Art is very subjective and extremely personal. How then do you deal with the varied personalities of clients that come to you?
Many of our clients are first-time buyers. One of our aims for Kynkyny, when we started 10 years ago, was to create a friendly and unpretentious atmosphere and help demystify art for first-time buyers. We wanted to provide them the information and guidance that they needed to begin exploring the fascinating world of art.

Expert Tip: My main piece of advice would be - if you love an artwork but can't commit to it as yet, then sleep over it! If it still lingers in your memory the next morning - buy it.

Does the identity or ethos of your space have a particular ideology that is common to all the artists that exhibit with you?
We always curate shows in our own way, never following trends. We support unique artists who have their own signature style. Originality is very important.

According to you, what are the current trends, materials, processes or mediums which will remain in the forefront this year?
One of the trends that I currently love is that of art sending a message, which I see especially in installation art. In fact, we had our first installation at the gallery last year, by a local artist, Dhananjaya. It was created using beautifully-crafted Channapatna toys, which are 100 percent eco-friendly and made right here in Karnataka. Dhananjaya has dedicated his artistic career to spreading a message about the environment and raising questions about how we interact with our natural eco-system.

Ganesha by Dhananjaya

Who are the upcoming artists that you would recommend to first-time buyers?
Bakula Nayak’s humorous and enchanting illustrations on vintage paper are mesmerising. She resuscitates old love letters, diary lists, ISRO documents, Kannada newspaper cuttings from the 1930's and other precious keepsakes, and breathes new life into them.

Bakula Nayak
'Come In Said One' by Bakula Nayak

Praveen Kumar is one of our most popular artists. His paintings are geometric configurations of the city that people can easily relate to, even though they are abstract.

Praveen Kumar
Untitled Painting by Praveen Kumar

Naina Maithani Kulkarni translates her travels and journeys into a unique and energetic visual language, camouflaging the images in her mind’s eye with abstraction and surrealism.

Naina Maithani Kulkarni
'Concealed Love' by Naina Maithani Kulkarni

Is there anything that a buyer should keep in mind while looking to purchase a piece of art?
We generally encourage people to browse through our website and come to us with a list of artworks that they are interested in. Rs. 50,000 is a great budget, if you can afford it. This allows people to either buy a few artworks within that amount, or just invest in one signature piece. The starting price at Kynkyny Art is Rs. 10,000, which therefore allows a buyer to walk away with an original painting (including a Certificate of Authenticity) at a lower price point. It’s a good idea to start a collection with one painting, and then add to it over time.

Discern Tip: When you purchase an artwork, always request an invoice and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Art was previously looked at as a great investment option. Does that still hold true, keeping the market conditions in mind?
While we agree that art is an investment, we don’t sell it solely for that purpose. We encourage our clients to make purchases purely for the love of art. We have never been interested in only the transaction of sourcing Masters, just for the name. We never buy or deal in art in the secondary market. What interests us is representing artists directly.

Who is your personal favourite Indian Master? And why?
I love Thota Vaikuntam’s early works. I find them very exciting, as they are rawer. It was a really interesting experience when I went to his studio and met his wife, who is his muse.

Thota Vaikuntam
'Telengana Women' by Thota Vaikuntam 

Who is your personal favourite upcoming artist/artists?
Yuvan Bothi Sathuvar. His large and detailed collages leave me awe-struck. 

Yuvan Bothi Sathuvar
'Present' by Yuvan Bothi Sathuvar

What would be your final words of advice to our community of Discerners?
Definitely explore the world of art as much as you can. This will give you the opportunity to delve into the inner workings of the minds and imagination of the artists, as they bare their souls on their canvases.

Namu Kini
 Namu Kini - Co-Founder at Kynkyny Art


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