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When it comes to décor, each person is unique! It’s like your own sense of fashion and style translated to your home and the spaces around you. We help you try to understand which style you lean toward most with a simple style quiz that can help you narrow down choices when revamping your home. Recently we’ve seen a lot of customers ask us about eclectic décor styles, which essentially is defined by being a mix of multiple styles, thereby offering a little something for everyone. This freedom and lack of boundaries are exactly what makes eclectic décor so exciting but confusing to understand. Today, we show you how to do up your living room using a modern eclectic style, to help you learn more about the décor and how to apply it to your life.

modern eclectic living room

Modern Eclectic Living Room


There are No Rules

This is the first rule of eclectic décor! You literally have to throw the rule book out of the window before you design your home. To create exactly the right mix is the goal of eclectic design and you can do this by celebrating colour, spaces, unique styles and textures while keeping one underlying theme in mind. The goal is to be refined, not random while maintaining a sense of your own personality.

Modern mid century living room


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No Sets

One way to achieve this is to dismantle any sets you may have at home. This includes sofa sets, dining table sets, side tables and more. Each item of furniture should bring its own unique sense of style to your space, while complementing the others. When you buy full sets together, the room will end up looking more like a showroom than your own personal space. If you do have very similar looking furniture, you can personalize each piece by using different upholstery and soft furnishings. Definitely pick one or two statement pieces that you can centre your décor around.

Bohemian living room

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Mix and Match

This is the golden rule of eclectic design. However, it doesn’t mean you can just throw things together at random. First off, you don’t need to use one colour but can create a colour palette of 3-5 shades which you can work within. This can be a tonal palette, which includes different shades of one colour or a complementary one with multiple shades that work together.

Modern accent living room

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The fun part about eclectic design is that it doesn’t stick to one design style or era so you can bring pieces that are art deco together with Scandinavian ones or antiques with modern mid-century pieces. It is this freedom of choice that makes this style so popular!


Balance and Symmetry

Keeping your space symmetrical and more or less balanced is one way to make sure you don’t go overboard with the eclecticism, that is bringing together too many styles and shapes. Our brains love symmetry so even if you have multiple influences in one room, the symmetry will help your eyes understand the space and process it more positively.

Modern mid century living room

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As with any design style, don’t include too many accents and extras and focus only on what is needed. Once you have identified what you need to achieve, you can start working on the design.

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