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The Discern Design Studio creates highly realistic 3D renders of beautiful Looks to help you visualize various spaces of your home. Our Look for this week is an Ethnic Living Room, inspired by Asian influences. The Asian Style is known for its minimalism and hence the decor inspired by this style is showcased best in the backdrop our Design team used, as well as through the accessories. The key is to balance the minimalist style with handpicked accessories that not only accentuate the chosen furniture, but also liven up the space.

The birth of the Ethnic Asian style was during the reign of the Han dynasty. Artisans of that era were known for building stools, the legs of which were designed via an aesthetic guided by the minimalist principle, and by the concept of simple joinery. As people and their needs evolved, so did the design of their everyday furniture: the same stool became the foundation from which a table was created, and then a chair, with a backrest. Red as a color is synonymous with the Asian style of design. 

Craftsmen from Asia are also known to have widely used both red wood and rose wood because of their easy availability - one reason why we find furniture designed in this style to have a red-tinged finish. In more recent times, craftsmen are known to have used red polish as an imitation for redwood. 

In this Ethnic Asian Living Room set in a high-rise apartment, our designers visualized a space dominated by clean lines and sleek furniture, with lively touches brought in via the chosen accessories. The three-seater sofa in ivory and the armchairs we chose for the seating area do not occupy much space, and are very comfortable. We positioned them against a vividly monochromatic wallpaper, that speaks volumes about Asian style through its pattern. The three mirrors on the wallpaper provide a sense of spatial balance, as well as add a touch of glamour to this space.

The vibrant red rug introduces color and warmth to the space, and ensure that the 'Asian' look is well-represented in this living room. The cushions chosen for the sofa add a pop of color to the neutral fabric and also complement the other dashes of brightness in the room. Our choice of colors contributes to the balance intended for this space. A set of planters placed on either side of the sofa set are meant to bring in a feeling of nature, an important characteristic of Asian decor.

The Sydney three-seater sofa, combined with a pair of armchairs, is a perfect choice to create a lounge-like atmosphere.

Sydney Sofa - Three Seater - Ivory
Sydney Sofa - Three Seater - Ivory - Shop Now
Sydney Sofa - One Seater Ivory
Sydney Sofa - One Seater Ivory - Shop Now
The Opium Coffee Table is crafted from solid wood. It is enduring with stylish yet sturdy legs that you can't take your eyes off - a great feat of workmanship, given that wood is not easy to manipulate, that too, with such skill!
Dark Walnut Coffee Table
Dark Walnut Coffee Table - Shop Now
The Spider Web round mirror has a border in deep purple, with a ring in blue closer to the Centre, that stands out and immediately catches the eye. Made of glass and particle board, it is a wonderful addition to any room in which you are looking to make a statement. 
Marigold Wall Mirror - Shop Now
The Siena sideboard imbibes the Asian design style through its intricate crafting. With a distressed finish, it has been deliberately made to look aged, a technique that makes this piece suitable for our Ethnic Asian living room.
Siena Sideboard Walnut
Siena Sideboard Walnut - Shop Now
The Tile wallpaper has a pattern of interlocking straight lines in a black and white color scheme. The geometric style and symmetry in the pattern is representative of oriental motifs, making the wallpaper an ideal choice.
Tile Effect
The color palette comprises of Cherry Red, Ivory White, Browns, and Liquorice Black. The Cherry Red is represented in the rug and the cushions that adorn the sofa. The Ivory White is seen in the linen fabric used for the sofa, and as a complementary colour on the wallpaper, which also includes Liquorice Black in its pattern. The Brown stands out through the furniture, such as the coffee table and the side tables. A hint of light brown is seen in the side board, brought to life with the three mirrors above it.
Ethnic Asian Living Room Colour Palette
Left to Right: Cherry Red, Ivory White, Brown, Liquorice Black
Our interior designers achieved a fine balance in the colors used for this living room. The red complements the white beautifully, while the black and white wallpaper complete the walls, with the black helping to balance the rest of the colors used in the space.

Discern makes interior design services accessible to you. Our panel of well-known and carefully selected designers is here to understand your style and give you professional design advice at a price that's within your reach. To know more about our Design Services.



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