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Furniture, art and architecture styles indigenous to key civilisations of the world serve as the basis of form and inspiration for many design movements. For example, the Art Deco movement made use of Assyrian and Egyptian motifs as ornamental embellishments. French Japonism and Chinoiserie were inspired by Japanese and Chinese art and aesthetics. The Indo-Saracenic school of architecture drew inspiration from Indian and Islamic architecture and art with British architecture. 

The Discern Design Studio is committed to creating realistic, 3D renders of interiors, drawing inspiration from the Discern Style Guide, a compendium of 16 proprietary Looks that Discern has put together, spanning decor styles and tastes from across the globe. While designing this Ethnic Dining Room, the Discern Design Studio kept in mind the occupant's taste for everything 

Ethnic. To infuse the room with a rich, ethnic vibe, our team of interior designers opted for woodcraft as the focal point for this space. It is the primary material used by interior designers for the Ethnic Indian design style, as it has deep roots in Indian decor styles, dating back to the days of the Indian Royalty. This style incorporates traditional design forms and employs materials applied to the aesthetics, form, and function of native tastes and traditions.

The Ethnic Indian Style Dining Room is inspired by the richness of Indian heritage.  For this Look, we drew upon elements that would give this modern contemporary space a royal touch - we started by painting the two adjacent walls in Pantone Shade – Cadmium Orange. The curved windows were thoughtfully designed to provide the look of a jharoka, decorative, enclosed balconies used by women of royal families back in the day, allowing them to discreetly view functions or royal meetings without being noticed. 

To break the monotony of the colour scheme, the ceiling was painted in Pantone Shade – Cool December. The hanging lights, the artwork, and the AC were all chosen and placed in coordination with one other, to give a sense of harmony to the space. Since wood is one of the main components of this style, our interior designers picked walnut-finished engineered wood for the flooring.

We introduced a pop of colour in the room with the handwoven woolen Maroc Rug in Blue from Jaipur Rugs. The rug is modern yet fits a traditional space because of its geometric pattern. The Pantone Shade – Whale Blue brightens up the entire space.

Maroc Wool Rugs - 6.6X9.6
Maroc Wool Rugs - 6.6X9.6 - Shop Now

The Ethnic Indian design style is known for fine, intricately-carved furniture. The wooden dining table we handpicked from The Armchair perfectly fits this decor theme. With its dark walnut finish, beautifully-crafted rectangular top, and intricately carved legs, an ethnic dining table is a must-have for those looking to achieve the Ethnic Indian look at home. 

Dinan Dining Table - Black 

Dinan Dining Table - Black - Shop Now

The fine Temecula Dining Chair from The Armchair is made from sheesham wood with a honey finish. 

Temecula Dining Chair - Set Of 2 Mahagony[

Temecula Dining Chair - Set Of 2 Mahagony - Shop Now

This Spanish Antique Finished Small Foyer Pendant Lamp ​ from Fos Lighting is made from white iron metal with acid etching and finished in antique brown and gold. This style of lights was first seen in India during the Mughal era.

Spanish Antique Finished Small Foyer Pendant Lamp

Spanish Antique Finished Small Foyer Pendant Lamp - Shop Now

The Ethnic Mirror from Trade India has an antique brass finish framing, with colourful Kundan and Meenakari work, making it a decorative piece that adds a dose of richness to the space.

Ethnic Dining Room Color Palette

                                            From left to right: Whale Blue, Cadmium Orange, Cinnamon, Antique Gold, Cool December

The colour palette chosen is warm and suits the Ethnic Indian design style, which tends to use a lot of browns, oranges and golds. Both the colours as well as the carefully-selected pieces of furniture and accessories come together seamlessly to create a look that is definitively Ethnic Indian. 


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