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What does ethnic home décor mean? Ethnic décor doesn’t have one single definition but can mean many things depending on who you are. This décor style is inspired by the different ancient civilizations from around the world which include the Assyrians, Egyptians and Japanese.

Many assume that an ethnic home will be filled with paisley print upholstery, tapestries on the walls and low wooden seating. Today, ethnic décor has come to mean a design style which pays homage to India’s rich history and culture but in a way that is current and sophisticated. One thing you will always find in ethnic décor is bright colours. Whether a pop of colour or bright colours all over, this sense of style is great for someone who loves to show off their vibrant personality. If you are someone who appreciates different cultures, has travelled extensively and enjoys a less mainstream aesthetic, then this is a style you must consider when designing your home.


ethnic living room

Middle Eastern Ethnic Living Room - Shop The Look

Traditionally, ethnic Indian décor is inspired by the Indo-Saracenic school of architecture that combines Indian and Islamic motifs with British design. Ethnic décor is charming and elegant and has now been adapted to current times in order to maintain its prominence in the world of interior design. In India, walnut wood is very popular for ethnic furniture as is mango wood. Inlay work, marble and stone are other popular features of of Indian art and crafts.

ethnic living room

Ethnic Arabic Living Room - Shop the Look

To bring this style of décor to your home, think about investing in antiques that reflect another time period and bring a sense of your heritage home. Local art and tribal artefacts are other great examples of ethnic décor that also supposed communities and artisans. Flooring is another area where ethnic décor excels, think about using hand painted tiles in earthen colours or even terracotta and mosaic. Fabrics like banarsi silks and printed cottons work well for upholster of stools and sofas and are easily complemented with wicker or bamboo furniture and accents.


ethnic living room

Ethnic Indian Living - Shop the Look

Successful ethnic design refers to design where age-old Indian elements come together with contemporary décor in a way that looks authentic and original. One great thing about this idea of modern Indian décor is that Indians themselves have become very international. Though it is important to rely on homegrown techniques, local materials and traditional motifs; using an international lens to find ways to adapt this décor style is also important. This way you can design a home that is not kitschy yet still represents a dominant design style.

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