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In an effort to bring looks from the Discern-approved Style Guide to 'life,' the Discern design team was tasked to create a render of an urban Indian bedroom. The brief was to ensure that the decor included an adequate amount of storage, efficient lighting, natural daylight and sufficient space to walk around in. As a result, this Ethnic bedroom decor can be adapted to suit any modern, metropolitan city home in India. To infuse the space with an Ethnic vibe, without overwhelming the occupant(s) of the room, the team chose to bring in elements of Ethnic decor, through accessories, accents, and an Ethnic colour scheme. The Rajasthani painted panels over the bed were placed as the main focal point of the room, which lends a kitschy-trendy feel to the space. The colour palette creates a fresh and vibrant atmosphere and is a twist on the stereotypical decor associated with Indian style bedroom and decor.

The Ethnic style was born when locals in every part of the country started becoming inspired by forms and elements around them. Examples include animal and floral forms, which were incorporated into furniture pieces, and led to inlay work, embroidery and indigenous handicrafts. The Ethnic style celebrates intricate handiwork on a variety of materials. In this room render, the products which represent the Ethnic style are the mirror panels above the side table, the Rajasthani painted panels, the Ikat-print cushions placed on the bed and the rug, which adds a final touch of plushness. 

The design team's philosophy behind this style was to pay attention to every detail - picking products that showed elements of skilled craftsmanship, and ensuring that the space celebrated the rich heritage of India. This style appeals to Discern as it allows us to bring in the Ethnic elements in the form of decorative objects and soft furnishings, without disturbing the furniture and the overall shell of the home.

The simplicity of this style, and the ample exposure to natural light makes this bedroom unique. The colour tones that have been used are soft and neutral. When they are all included in this bedroom, they come together to speak a cohesive decor language. 


Brown Wooden Picolo Bedside Table Lamp With Shade

Brown Wooden Picolo Bedside Table Lamp With Shade - Shop Now 

Asterlane Hand Tufted 100% Wool Clas 3'6X5'6 Rug Antique White

Asterlane Hand Tufted 100% Wool Clas 3'6X5'6 Rug Antique White -  Shop Now

The embossed mirror, complete with a mirror, is a perfect adornment for the wall and spreads its Ethnic vibe through the room.

Embossed Monochrome Mirror

Embossed Monochrome Mirror - Shop Now

The Rajasthan, Encounter and Earth replicas of the ones painted by Syed Haider Raza are the highlights of this bedroom and definitely steal all the attention. 

Ethnic Jaipur Rug  Ethnic Style Jaipur Rug  Ethnic Decor Jaipur Rug

 Earth    Encounter  Rajasthan


The Revolution Rug by Jaipur Rugs is made of knotted wool and adds plush elegance to the room.

These products have all been chosen to keep two things in mind: they needed to offer an immediately distinctive Ethnic touch to the room, and they needed to all belong to a similar colour story in order to naturally provide cohesiveness, even though the textures and patterns are of a wide variety. 

Ethnic Indian Bedroom Colour Palette

The color palette consists of White, Bone, Candy, Amber, and Dusty Pink. The white and bone shades are used to anchor the room and provide a neutral base from which the colours can then be the highlight. White is seen on the window wall, the bedspread, and the pouffe. The bone shade is seen on the bed and the table lamps. The more vibrant shades, in tones of pink, red and brown, are inspired by nature. The pinks and reds are inspired by flowers while the browns, from Mother Earth. The natural light streaming in from the window makes the space look bright and brings the decor elements of the room into clearer focus. 


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