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The interior designers at the Discern Design Studio are always hard at work, using Discern's Looks - 16 proprietary design styles spanning different centuries, design sensibilities, and techniques - to create realistic, 3D renders of interior spaces that visually inspire, and aim to educate readers about the different design philosophies out there. The team was creatively charged while designing this Ethnic Middle Eastern bedroom, set in an urban high-rise in Mumbai. The brief was to ensure that the layout of the room provided ample space to move around; so the team populated it with just the right amount of furniture needed, without over-cluttering. The design also maximized the use of available windows, to make the most of the available sunlight. Besides the bed and the side tables, we placed a pair of foldable stools at the end of the bed, which provide flexibility, as they can be used when needed, and stored away when not in use. The sideboard next to the bed serves the dual purpose of a study desk, which the occupants can easily use for work, and to store items such as their books, stationery and laptops. 
The Ethnic Middle Eastern style stemmed from the Bedouin culture, whose people lived in tents. The tent interiors featured low seating, and were furnished with cushions and rugs: these were items that were easy to roll up and carry on a camel when the time came to be on the move again. This style further evolved into a ‘suffah’- which is a long bench; you can call it a long seating arrangement. Further colonisation resulted in a subsequent fusion of styles, and the Bedouin people began introducing new seating and bedding arrangements into their living spaces. This eventually led to the Middle Eastern style, with an addition of armchairs, stools, tables, etc.
During the 19th century, the Middle Eastern style of decor saw the use of the color blue in abundance. It was seen on walls, in their textiles and on furnishings. The colour theme we chose for this bedroom, therefore, was eggshell and mystic blues. Since they belong to the same family, this bedroom is a fine example of how different shades of the same color can be used in the same space. The mystic blue wallpaper, with its circular pattern, also reflects the Middle Eastern theme and complements the stunningly carved mirror hung above the sideboard. The patchwork rug we chose works well near the bed, with its plush upholstery and luxe bedding. The ethnic wooden furniture is rich in its intricate carvings and patterns. The beauty of this space is the fact that it speaks volumes about the Middle Eastern style, without looking too busy or overdone. 

We chose teak wood bed with storage, upholstered in wood for a touch of subtle sophistication and style. The bed is the statement piece of furniture in this room. 

Teak Wood - Bed with Storage

Teak Wood - Bed with Storage - Shop Now 

  We chose a pair of these side tables by Essajees. With their carefully-crafted details, they do their part to extend the ethnic theme in this Middle Eastern-inspired bedroom. 

Hoshyarpur Side Table

Hoshyarpur Side Table - Shop Now 

This Hand made multi hemp munro rug  from The features hand-made, flat-weave 'patchwork' made with organic, undyed wool. Entirely natural, the wool has been spun into yarn for a striated, weathered effect; the result of this weaving process is that each section of every rug has a unique pattern, and no two rugs are identical.
Hand Made Dark Multi Hemp Munro Rug

Hand Made Dark Multi Hemp Munro Rug - Shop Now 

The main colors we used for this bedroom are blues. The combination of eggshell blue and mystic blue brings harmony to the space, while the brown, a color commonly seen in the Ethnic style of decor, is seen in the side tables, and the sideboard next to the bed. We used egg white for the bed linen and skirting, as well as for the border along the ceiling, in order to create a balance with the blues and browns.


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