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The Discern Design Studio is constantly at work creating Looks for interior spaces inspired by different design styles. The Studio's designers use the Discern Style Guide as a reference - a collection of 16 proprietary styles, to create these Looks for various spaces. Using sophisticated technology, the team creates realistic, 3D renders that allow you to visualise any room of a house, done up in different styles. Of the many Looks created by our team of interior designers, we bring you the five most popular looks of the month.
1. Classic European Living Room 
Our team of interior designers have always been inspired by the chic sophistication that is often seen around Europe - both in public monuments and attractions, as well as in homes. Be it France, Italy, Austria, or Germany, these countries seem to speak a design language that exudes a certain soft elegance with a beautiful balance between strong detail and extraordinary embellishment. Furniture that uses the Classic style as its reference point creates a formal and aristocratic environment when used in a home, owing to the intricate details, as well as the ergonomics of the pieces themselves.

The sophisticated Look that our interior designers created for this living room in an urban Indian high-rise is perfect for an elegant family with global tastes, who enjoy fine details such as the gilded accessories and decorative ornaments, juxtaposed against the warm yet neutral colour palette. Read more about this Look.

Classic European Living Room
2. Modern Contemporary Bedroom
​In our effort to regularly introduce you, our readers, to looks and decor styles as elaborated upon in our Style Guide, Discern brings you a Modern Contemporary Bedroom that is gender neutral and formal without looking stuffy. This look could be modified to fit beautifully into an urban high-rise apartment, a penthouse or even a duplex apartment with high ceilings. It is characterised by clean, simple lines. Decorations are kept to a minimum and natural light and wood are celebrated.  

The Modern Contemporary style was created in the 20th and 21st centuries, taking its inspiration from the Mid-Century and Scandinavian styles. Materials such as glass, high-gloss polish, lacquers, copper, brass and electroplating techniques all encourage the final look of contemporary pieces: crisp lines, pronounced edges and smooth textures, which distinguish the clutter-free approach of this style. 
The Discern team wanted to give this particular bedroom (inspired by the Art Deco movement) an elongated illusion of length and make it as bright as possible, with the use of natural light. Read more.

Modern Contemporary Bedroom
3. Asian Dining Room
At Discern, our design team has created a 3D render of a dining room as part of an extended living room in an urban Indian apartment. The Asian influences seen in this space are inspired by the Ming dynasty, and from designs seen in Indonesia. The flourishing dynasties of the Far East (Ming, Qing), saw traditional furniture being crafted. Design forms native to the Far-Eastern countries of Japan, Indonesia, Korea and China also help define what Asian furniture is. 

Inspired by a beautiful red lacquered cabinet that we came across during one of our store crawls, we decided to style a Modern Contemporary dining room with artefacts and furniture bearing Asian influences. Read more.

Asian Dining Room
4. Industrial Dining Room
The design brief for this dining room was to create a space for a youthful and trendy individual. The interiors here exude a casual aesthetic and charm. The room lends itself beautifully to a laid-back environment that is low on maintenance. We wanted to create a space that exuded a sense of masculinity. The Industrial style fit this brief perfectly with its ruggedness, and unobtrusive colour and material palette. Read more.
Industrial Dining Room
5. Trendy Eclectic Living Room
Our interior designers were briefed to create a Trendy Living Room with a Vintage feel. The living room is traditionally a space that brings family members and guests together and sees - possibly - the greatest influx of people into a home. The Discern design team therefore, worked on a brief that would ensure this room felt comfortable and homey for family time, while still remaining stylish for entertaining. 

The chosen Eclectic design style allowed the designers unlimited creative freedom and no defined rules. This is because the style encompasses influences from several different periods.  The Eclectic decor theme rises from a healthy cross-referencing from several design movements such as Industrial-Rustic, Indian-Modern, and Retro-Glamour. Eclecticism was first seen in 19th and 20th-century architecture which incorporated the old and mixed it with the new. In interior design, this refers to furniture, structural features, accessories, and decorative and traditional motifs. 

Trendy Eclectic Living Room

The focal point of this living room is the art behind the console table. On either side of the artwork are eye-catching, bright pink lamps. The use of colour, texture and shapes aids in bringing all the elements together. The Discern design team recommends a vintage leather sofa, wooden arm chairs and curved white stools along with pops of colour. The bright hues add to the magnetism of the look, making it unique and exciting. Read moreWhich among our curated Looks do you like most? Tell us on Twitter and Instagram @DiscernLiving.


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