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With the monsoon winding down, we’re now about to enter the festive season, in full swing! On September 5 this year, the country
will be celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi to honour the birth of the elephant-headed God, Ganesh. Idols of Ganesh will be brought home
and worshipped every day and finally immersed in the sea, at the end of the 10-day festivities. As we get ready to celebrate, Discern 
shares a few tips on how to get your home ready for all the festivities, beginning with Ganesh Chaturthi.

Tip 1: Clean Up
The first thing that needs to be crossed off the list in order to prep for an occasion is cleanliness. Start by getting rid of all the clutter and unwanted items in and around your home. A clean home, with everything, neatly put away in its rightful place, not only ushers in positivity but also gives you a tidy space for future celebrations, without the hassle of having to constantly keep cleaning up. 

Tip 2: Decorate with Colours
No celebration is complete without decorations to match the occasion. During any Indian festival, the one thing that stands out is colour. Use pops of colour through your home to brighten up the space by way of bright curtains, bedspreads or cushions that will help add character to your home. Flowers also add freshness and keep the atmosphere pleasant.

Tip 3: Light it Up
Lights are an important element of any celebration. Traditionally in Indian homes, oil-filled lamps or diyas are used around the house during the festive season. Although one may think this is more of a Diwali tradition, there is no limitation to using these for any occasion. If you want to adopt a more modern approach, use scented candles in your puja room, on your window sills, or on tables to keep your home smelling great and looking glowing.
Tip 4: Adorn your Puja Room
The puja room is an important part of the house, especially during cultural festivities. In particular, during Ganesh Chaturthi, family and friends drop by to seek the blessing of Lord Ganesh, which makes this room in your home the focal point. Apart from cleaning, decorate this room with flowers and lights to keep the festive feel at full mast.


Puja Room
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Tip 5: Don’t forget the treats 
Celebrations are incomplete without food and goodies! In India, mithais or traditional Indian sweets are an essential part of the celebrations and often exchanged with close friends and family as a token of affection. Ensure your table has an adequate spread of sweet and savoury items to keep the guests happy. Modaks or sweet dumplings are a speciality especially enjoyed during Ganpati celebrations, and can add a nice, traditional touch to your spread. 

Whether you are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi or not, we wish you good luck and positive vibes for a festive 2016. Happy celebrating!


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