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Everyone expects an industrial room to be… well, industrial. When we say industrial, we mean spick-and-span, tidy, with all the furniture well organised but we also expect it to be dull, boring, with white walls and black chairs.  You can break the chain of the stereotypical Industrial Living Rooms by trying out our trendy style. We know the plain coloured furniture in the industrial room is a classic so we kept to that, but we have added more colours to the room. Instead of only using black and white we have added some beige, yellow, blue and a little bit of red.

Living room design

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In the picture above we have shown our new Trendy Industrial Look. The furniture is purposefully kept sombre and simple, but the rug and the cushions add a ton of personality to the room. The abstract paintings in the back enhance the elegance of the room without taking away its industrial look. But where do you buy all the furniture for yourself? Well, right here!

The chairs as seen in the above picture are comfortable yet formal. They are the perfect mix between a cosy armchair and a hardback office chair. This makes your guests feel comfortable yet remember the vibe of the place.  Notice that the colours of the chairs are those, which match the look that we are trying to portray. If it were a child’s room we would use brightly coloured chairs, but since this is a formal living room, we have chosen more elegant colours.

The next thing you need to think about is the sofa set that is if you want to keep a sofa set. In our layout we used a black sofa set but if you want to try something new you can use the dark blue set. Blue is a colour that merges the fun element and the work element together. The sofa set should merge with almost every part of the room, like the chairs, the walls, the cushions and even the rug. Hence, getting the perfect sofa set is a strenuous task, but we can help, just go onto our website and find the right one.

Colton Sofa - Black - Three Seater

Colton Sofa - Black - Three Seater - Shop Now

Nagzira - Tripod Sofa - Sofa Set

Nagzira - Tripod Sofa - Sofa Set - Shop Now

Now let’s talk about the fun trendy things. The Hand Made Tan Natural Hide Zero rug is just the kind need to add a tinge of colour to the industrial living room. The colour combination is not too bright and not too dull so it gives the room a unique twist.

A nicely decorated room needs tables to give it the right finish. We have just the right options for that. The Tempe Side Table Natural is amazing. It adds elegance to the room and also maintain the work vibe. 

Tempe Side Table Natural

Tempe Side Table Natural - Shop Now

The last set of items that will give your living room a colourful trendy look are the cushions on your sofa set. The colours on the cushions can be absolutely different than the colours that are in the room. That’s the beauty of cushions. They are too small to ruin your set up, but big enough to make a difference for the better.  We have a wide range of cushions to help you.

Blue Cotton Woven Dhc Cushion Cover

Blue Cotton Woven Dhc Cushion Cover - Shop Now

We at Discern Living do not like to stick to the regular norm, and we suggest that while doing up your home you don’t either. Think outside the box and take risks with different combinations. Follow your own style.  And if you ever need to shop you know where to come!


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