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Gingham, traditionally associated with yesteryear picnics or old-school Italian restaurants, has recently experienced a revival. A sophisticated take on this charming pattern has entered the home decor sphere; it is not just reserved for 'cottage-chic' looks or cutesy children's rooms anymore. An instantly recognisable print, gingham is now being used in unusual ways that can add a sense of the extraordinary to your daily decor, says Kalpak Bhandari, an architect and interior designer who is part of the Discern panel of professionals. According to him, "Gingham, a fresh take on a Classic style, is all about re-inventing, reminiscing, remembering and reliving the past in new ways."

While it may seem like a cottage essential fabric, Gingham has made its way into chic urban spaces for 2016. With its cheerful, checkered pattern and rustic charm, it’s easy enough to incorporate the look into any part of your home. Here are seven expert tips to help you embrace this decor trend in style, this season:

#Tip 1: Use gingham for statement furniture:
Rather than going the traditional red-and-white route, consider gingham fabric in unexpected colours. Pick a bright turquoise for example, and use it on a larger piece of furniture, like this wing-back chair, for the ultimate statement piece. Keep the checks small however, as the bold shade should do the talking in this look, instead of the pattern. 


Picture Courtesy

Loren Lounge Chair

#Tip 2: Mix and match gingham with other patterns:
Gingham can be fun and casual, or sophisticated and elegant. Its versatility is what makes it so easy to use and incorporate into your surroundings. It plays well with other patterns, making it a great option when you're opting for a little mix-and-match. Use it wherever you might consider a plaid or stripe. Gingham in home decor can look a little "country" for certain tastes, but it can also suit modern, contemporary spaces. Take this modern kitchen, for instance - with the addition 
of layering furniture with gingham prints, the interiors have obtained a perfect, stylish balance of retro and modern.

#Tip 3: Use gingham in softer pastel hues for a smaller space:
To avoid overwhelming an apartment or a small room, stick to softer gingham patterns in shades of pale yellow, pastel blue or lavender. A gingham check with a mix of understated colour and basic white adds a quick update to an unadorned, dull room. While bright red gingham may be a tad loud as a decor statement for a cramped space, gingham accents in lighter colours can be chic.


#Tip 4: Add gingham accent pillows to a neutral sofa
If a gingham-patterned couch is too much of the pattern at once for your home, try a few accent pillows in the vibrant, checkered print instead. Update a beige, creamy white or grey sofa with a few throw pillows in a fresh gingham pattern.


#Tip 5: Try a light-coloured gingham accent wall or ceiling!
To add visual interest and detail to any room in your home, add a gingham accent to a wall or even to the ceiling. Choose light or cheery shades to brighten the space as well as to impart a statement look. 



#Tip 6: Place a black and white gingham tablecloth on a wooden table:
If you’re tired of an everyday kitchen table, add a striking black and white gingham tablecloth to accessorise the wooden surface. Contrast the black squares with white ceramic plates and white candles for the best of both country style and urban decor.

Checkered Table Cloth

#Tip 7: Adorn white windows with blue gingham curtains:
The look of pale blue gingham curtains is a natural choice with painted white windows. Try adding these quaint drapes to your bedroom or kitchen window for a comforting touch at home.


Scroll through the following images that further demonstrate how gingham has been incorporated in stylish ways to make modern contemporary spaces appear chic. Kalpak says, "While introducing gingham elements, make sure they sit in harmony with the rest of the decor in your home. Upholstery, cushions covers, quilt covers, carpets and artwork are components you can play around with to achieve a complete and chic look. When introducing a trend into your home, it's best to do so via items that can be easily replaced and upgraded to a newer trend whenever you feel the need to do so. Don't alter the permanent or timeless components of the interiors such as furniture, wall finish, paint and lighting, which are difficult to change at regular intervals."
Which of these tips for gingham-inspired interiors do you like best? If you have tips of your own, do share them with us on Twitter and Instagram, using #GinghamTrend. Find us @DiscernLiving.


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