Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan surely knows how to live her life king size. But that’s not where it ends, she’d made sure that her beautiful baby-girl Stormi is not short of living the most luxurious and comfortable life.

Yes, we don’t have a makeup empire like that of Kylie Jenner to back us up, but we sure as hell can have our babies live a comfortable and uber stylish life with the products and furniture offered at Discern Living.

1. Study table and chairs

For a comfortable and happy study time, buy your kids these sturdy and fun looking study table and chairs. To make it a fun activity, you can also have them paint the chairs, the colour and design of your choice.

4 Ft Study Table - Shop Now 

Stackable Chair_c12 - Shop Now

2. Wall Décor

Taxidermy animal wall mounts are too mainstream and scary for little ones to be honest. So buy these stuffed animal hanging paraphernalia to jazz up your kid's room.

Flamingo Head Stuff Toy Wall Decor - Shop Now 

Rhino Head Stuff Toy Wall Decor - Shop Now 

Panda Head Stuff Toy Wall Decor - Shop Now 

You can also buy these educative frames with the alphabets and adorable animation to liven up your kid's rooms and install learning as well.

Colourful and Bright Framed Wall Art Picture Collage - Shop Now 

Framed Pink Wall Art Picture Collage For a Baby Girl's Bedroom - Shop Now 

3. Baby Blankets

Aren’t sleeping babies the cutest things to look at, when they’re in deep sleep and have a small smile on their face? It just warms your heart. You can cover your babies with these blankets for a warm and cosy nap.


Baby Dohad Monsters - Shop Now 

Baby Dohad Blocks - Shop Now 

Baby Dohad Cartoon Houses - Shop Now 

Baby Dohad Superheroes - Shop Now 

4. Night lamps

Most children don’t like to sleep in complete darkness and so here’s a night lamp for them which you can keep on in the night so that they can have uninterrupted sleep.

5. Bedsheet covers

Plain white bed sheets can definitely get boring after one point. If your kid is into football, why not buy him/her a bed sheet cover with a football field on it, or if your child has always had a dream of becoming an astronaut, buy him/her these space bed sheets.

Single Bedsheet Soccer - Shop Now 

Single Bedsheet Space - Shop Now 

Summer Dohad Transport - Shop Now 

Single Bedsheet Blocks - Shop Now 

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Straight up, no BS. Some hand picked products that we feel you’ll fall in love with. Correction, we know you’ll fall in love with.


4 Ft Study Table

by Funiture4Kids
Rs. 20,970/-


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Stackable Chair_c12

by Funiture4Kids
Rs. 1,845/-


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Flamingo Head Stuff Toy Wall Decor

by Gallery Wall Decor
Rs. 1,990/-


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Head Stuff Toy Wall Decor - Rhino

by Gallery Wall Decor
Rs. 1,990/-


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