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Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri and Dussehra and have come and gone. But we still have Diwali to look forward to, so put that smile back on. Each year, we do everything we can to dress up our homes for the festivities. We hang torans, set out diyas and lamps and work hard to make our homes look spotlessly clean. But have you ever wondered why you can’t do the same with your office space? Your workplace is an important aspect of who you are. You spend most of your day there, after all. So, it’s only right to bring some festive cheer to your office as well! We are here to tell you how.
Helium Balloons
If you want to add quick, effortless festive cheer to your office decor, bring in some helium balloons - star-shaped ones would work really well. They’ll add an instant smile to your colleague's faces and put everyone in the spirit of the season. Mix and match colours and shapes to create the best impact.
                       Helium balloons



Scented Candles
While candles - known to spread a feeling of peace and scented calm - are most usually used in a home, adding a few to your office is a great idea. Invest in a good candle holder because they really make all the difference. These candles will add an elegant touch to office desks. Once you light them up, their gilded tumblers will ensure that they sparkle beautifully. This small yet effective touch will ensure everyone looks forward to the upcoming festivities, even as they work.

Colourful Rangoli
You don’t necessarily have to be an artist in order to create beautiful rangoli for the festive season. There are so many options when it comes to ready-made rangoli sets, these days. All you have to do is lay them out. Set this up at the entrance to your office, or in a common area so that all members of the team can enjoy it. 


Pretty Lights
Go off the traditional path and look for festive lighting that still spells cheer while being a bit quirky. While fairy lights are an all-time favourite, consider mason jar lights this year! This pretty set of lights from Engrave seems like the perfect choice, to help mix things up a bit. What’s more, as a cute touch, these lights have been named Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry and Green Apple to represent the jams you grew up eating!



Jam Lamp Techni color
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Sweet Treats
 Get creative! Instead of sharing sweets with everyone from those typical red and gold mithai boxes, buy a pretty cake stand instead. Use it to arrange all the sweets the team has brought in and put it out for display in the pantry. It’ll act as the perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary.

Tea-Light Holders
Instead of traditional-looking tea-light holders, choose modern iterations as a part of office decoration ideas. Your office space will look like a brightly lit up, contemporary styled haven with these. We recommend Chumbak’s bright yellow holder since the colour is festive in itself. You can place these on your team's desks and watch the room come alive with the festive spirit!


Add one or all of these touches into your office decorations ideas for the festival and watch it transform into an inviting, glowing space that you will look forward to coming into every day. Happy Holidays!

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