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Two words you probably don’t see together very often are yoga and decor! We’re starting a series where we show you easy ways to incorporate your daily passion into your home decor style. One of the best things about decorating your home is that this allows you to share your personal preferences and style with your world, through design. Regardless of the kind of person you are, there are certain things you may gravitate toward when decorating and these are the things you can share with your guests. By letting people into our homes, we are letting them into a small part of us, in a way. One way to truly personalise your home is to share your favourite things with your friends and family, namely your hobbies.

Fitness is something many of us love and something even more of us aspire to love! Whether you are into running, swimming, biking or yoga, there are ways to include these ideas into your home decor. For all those yoga lovers out there, bringing the feeling of calm and peace into your home is no easy feat. Being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city can take its toll. Here are a few tips for how you can bring your hobby into your home.

Yoga is all about the space that surrounds you. You will notice that most yoga studios have hardwood floors, lots of natural light and very airy rooms. The idea is to remove all distractions so that you can focus on the here and now. Rather than cluttering your rooms with additional furniture and decor, why not create spaces that make you feel calm and relaxed? You can do this by opting for wooden flooring, muted neutral colours and as much natural light as possible. The best way to make your guests feel relaxed is when you, the host, are also relaxed.

Serene zones at home 

Just because you enjoy yoga does not mean you have to be the type of person who needs nothing more than their yoga mat and some green juice! It is completely fine to have a very separate style sensibility from your personality. It's just how you incorporate your interests into your home decor that makes the difference. While 'yoga decor' is all about serene and calm elements, there are ways to still adhere to your style without compromising on what you love, aesthetically. For example, if you simply must cover your sofa in a print, why not opt for something more organic and earthy rather than a busy, geometric design? Whether you prefer ethnic, modern or classical décor styles, one way to create a more harmonious environment is by using thin, flowy fabrics that allow natural light to flow into your home and make your space feel lighter rather than overburdened with heavy drapes and fabrics. Choose options like cotton, muslin and linen for your curtains and upholstery.


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Zen Out
The best part of yoga is that you can do it anywhere and at any time. Unfortunately, we often find excuses to avoid working out. Yoga involves a physical practice as well as a mindful practice which can be done through meditation. If you have the luxury to create a small nook where you can spend time by yourself, where you can escape the day and switch off, this is a great way to encourage yourself to do some self-practice along with daily meditation.

Lighting is very important to how we feel. Bright lights invite energy and productivity while dim lighting aids in relaxation. Create an aura of calm in your home by attaching easy-to-use dimmers to all your lights, so you can adjust the mood as and when you please. We love candles (lightly scented ones are lovely)
rather than lamps for when you have guests over. Team this with some soft music and you’ll feel relaxed and ready to unwind in no time.


Although none of these tips will directly let anyone know how much you love your downward dog, it’s the general feeling of zen and tranquility that we want to inspire you with. Yoga is a state of mind rather than any one product or place so do what feels right and makes you feel like yourself. 

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