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There is nothing quite as pleasing as an Instagram feed that immediately captures our attention with a collection of thoughtful, well-curated posts - especially feeds that are high on style and low on attitude. When we began scouring for rousing, unique takes on home décor, we came upon some real jewels. Here's our list of 5 Instagram home design and décor accounts that need to be on your radar.

Famous Instagram Accounts for Home Decor



Rukmini Roy wears several superhero hats. The one we love the most is her Instagram feed, which is dominated by shades of white with pastel accents. Here, we have found our Indian inspiration for all things #FrenchCountry and #DIY. She has successfully made her Mumbai apartment look chic, with simple yet thoughtful touches. White-washed kerosene jars, homemade chandeliers, enamel vases, distillery bottles nestled in fishnet twine…we return over and over again to appreciate her picturesque sense of style. She lives with her rabbit and her husband in her beach-like home, and shares DIY tips that we’re scrambling to emulate.



If you want to see nature prearranged imaginatively and aesthetically on a table, look no further. From mushrooms to autumnal leaves; from fresh vegetables to gardening clippers; from pink Himalayan rock salts to petals of every imaginable flower; from wild berries to beautiful stationery; from gorgeous stamps to clover leaves and dice; this feed is awash with fresh color palettes and is a paradise of nature colliding with art on a 5 foot table!



This architect and design magician's feed is urban, educative and smacks of good design.

Rooshad has created beautiful spaces in Bombay, including LaFolieLab, show apartments for the Oberoi Realty Group, furniture for Godrej and hand-carved-marble bulbs for Lodha Luxury. We love the intricate artistry and the attention to detail, which makes this feed a study in design and craft. ELLE, The Asian Age, Sunday Standard, Architectural Digest and many more have been writing about his contributions to the architecture and design world, and we are excited that through his feed, Rooshad is allowing us a behind-the-scenes peek into his construction sites, factories and design studios. 



This one is located south of the equator and east of the Prime Meridian, in Sydney, Australia. The feed features a beach cottage which brings to life everything you’d associate with the perfect beach vacay. We love the images of endless skylines, sandy beaches, fresh vases of flowers, a very cute puppy, a garden with a white-washed bicycle, and the sun-kissed cottage itself. Inside, we are welcomed by pristine white walls with distempered cabinets and doors, and ample sofas with sufficient cushions and fabric to play hide and seek in. It is a beach cottage everyone should have, visit, and eat a meal in, at least every summer. If you are in need of beach therapy, take your shoes off, pretend you hear the sound of waves and scroll through this joyful account.


Justina Blakeney, in all her bohemian majesty, curates and runs this very distinctive account. Her home, her recently-launched book, even her business cards, are all a bohemian rhapsody. #JungalowStyle focuses cool DIY projects, paper cut-outs of leaves, lush indoor plantation, prints that are simple yet complex, flea market finds and an eclectic mix of patterns and points of view. From kitchen plates with floral prints, mix-and-match tiles in the pantry and dining room kilims to lanterns, mirrors and sofas with flora and fauna-inspired textiles: everything we see on this account makes us love the Jungalow its affection for plants and a fierce sense of art. 


Do you have a home decor Instagram account you love? Tag us using #discernliving



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