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When it comes to interior design, there are a few general rules that you must always keep in mind while decorating your home. In order to make your space easy to move around in and attractive to more people checkout a few dos and don’ts before you start designing your home interiors

scandinavian living room
Modern Scandinavian Living Room - Shop the Look
Don’t Push All Your Furniture Against the Walls
This will look very formulaic and boring so make sure all your furniture has at least a few centimetres to breathe. This gives pieces the look of ‘floating’ and makes the room look larger and more interesting. 
Don’t be Afraid to be Dramatic
So many times, people will choose an off-white over a mint green or a solid colour over a print. The truth is that drama is always appreciated, especially in small quantities. If you have a small room that you want to make more interesting, paint one wall a dramatic colour and accent it with art and lighting to catch your attention.
modern living room design ideas
Modern Scandinavian Living Room - Shop the Look
Don’t Forget to Measure
We have seen so many mistakes occur in home interiors because of one very important factor, measurements. Take precise measurements of your entire home and build a kind of floor plan (or let us do this for you!) so you know exactly where you have space for what. This includes your stairways and doors! There is nothing more depressing than ordering a beautiful sofa that won’t fit through your front door.
Don’t Stick to Just One Theme
As much as you may love a very rustic look or traditional home décor style, it’s important to add little breaks in your theme. Variety is the spice of life so although your larger pieces and colouring might work within one vein, don’t restrict yourself to only one particular design style. If you love Art Deco and do your entire home this way, you might find it looking more like a furniture store than a home!
middle eastern living room decor ideas
Magnetic Marrakesh - Shop the Look
Do Pay Attention to Size
If you have a big wall, do not place small pieces of art there. In a big room, you cannot have small furniture and vice versa. Do not overcrowd a small space with very large, bulky furniture. These are basic rules when it comes to space and ones that we think you should be aware of. Look at rugs, for example, if you have a very big room and a small rug that doesn’t float beneath your furniture, you will end up dwarfing your space. Always look at the size of the space you are designing and ensure all your furniture, accents and extras are in accordance with that size.
Do Use Different Textures
Think about something you love to eat, oftentimes there will be a variety of textures and flavours involved. Home decor is much the same. You want to mix textures and use these textures to add depth to your space. Otherwise, your eye will find your room quite boring with nothing to attract its attention. Think of all the textures you can use and pair them to give your space personality. You can pair a leather sofa with a soft knitted throw, a wooden table with cotton furnishings or a marble floor with a jute rug.  
modern mid century living room
Mid Century Living Room - Shop the Look
Do Trust Your Gut
At the end of the day, you are the person who needs to live with your interior design choices so trust your gut and forget about trends you see in magazines. What works in one home might not work in yours so be true to yourself and trust your instinct.
Do Think About Your Family
What we mean is, if you have pets and children, perhaps a white sofa and velvet ottoman might not be the smartest idea. For those who know their furniture might be worn down quicker than others, choose sturdier, long-lasting fabrics in darker shades to hide all those spills!
mid century living room
Mid-Century Modern Living Room - Shop the Look
Do Ask For Help
There is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. Discern Living is your one-stop-shop for all things interiors which is why we encourage you to come to us with your questions, ideas and concerns. Our friendly teams are more than happy to tailor-make their designs to your requirements, while still following the key rules of home decorating! Get in touch with us today for our interior design services in Mumbai and Pune


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